Event Marketing

Event Video Marketing: How Keynote Speakers Add Value

Event video marketing is reaching new dimensions and in 2016, keynote speakers are now central to every conference. Their presentations not only set the tone for the entire event, but also provide opportunities for companies...
successful webinar

The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Webinar

Conducting a successful webinar is arguably one of the best ways to connect with your audience. Webinar hosting often leads to increased audience engagement and conversion rates. This is because a webinar is meant to be...
instagram promotion

5 Easy Ways to Attract an Instagram Audience With No Budget

We all have different tasks, budgets, and products. One company can hire Instagram promotion companies and is ready to spend the big budget for Instagram promotion, while another solves its tasks for with a...
virtual reality videos

11 Ways To Use Virtual Reality Videos in Ad Campaigns

While virtual reality is certainly a trending topic, many people view this phenomenon primarily in terms of virtual reality games. In the last few years, however, virtual reality videos have jumped into the realm...
event video planning

Why Pre-Event Video Marketing Is Crucial to Event Success

Event promotion is one of the most important considerations when planning an event. Pre-event video marketing can create hype around your event long before it takes place. It does not have to feel like...
Video marketing for real estate

Video Marketing for Real Estate Agents: The Ultimate Guide

Any real estate marketing plan is incomplete without a video marketing strategy. The power of video is undeniable, and so is the potential of video marketing for real estate agents. Realtor video marketing isn't anything...
dream event

A Guide for Event Managers: Planning the Perfect Event

In today's event industry, contractors and clients seem to invent their own standards. With concepts ranging from free marketing to brand networking, some event managers get lost. This is why we need a guide for event...
product video

20 Tips for Creating a Killer Product Video

Believe it or not, an outstanding product video can quickly lead your business to increased success. Product videos demonstrate a new product (or service) that your business offers - sort of like a sales...
dude perfect christian

7 Video Marketing Lessons from Dude Perfect

If anyone has perfected the entertaining video, it is Dude Perfect. With over 15 million subscribers and each video eventually getting tens of millions of views, it's a good idea to study their YouTube...
video landing page

Why Top Email Marketers Use a Video Landing Page

While marketing videos are in the explosion stage of growth, the savviest email marketers are upping their game by using a video landing page.  Find out why expert email marketers are using video to increase...