13 Spooky Event Video Ideas for Halloween 2017

video ideas for halloween

Need event video ideas for Halloween? The upcoming holiday is the perfect opportunity for creative digital marketing and building your audience loyalty. The impact of event videos on your Halloween marketing campaign is anything but scary.

13 Haunting Video Marketing Ideas for Halloween

1. Haunted corn maze vlog

A haunted house live stream is among the best event video ideas for Halloween. Corn mazes are a hallmark of the season. Creating a frightful yet friendly live stream of a local haunted corn maze will give your viewers something to look forward to. Be sure to connect your brand to the corn maze event!

2. Halloween event BTS

No matter what kind of Halloween event you are hosting—haunted house, party, concert, competition, corn maze—there is always room for a behind-the-scenes video. Showcase the process of what goes into creating an event. Give your viewer new knowledge about event production as well as an interest in obtaining your services.

3. Ghoulish Periscope campaign

Hosting a Periscope campaign is an effective way to gain momentum with mobile video. Users watch random live streams from all over the world, so you are likely to find new, interested viewers with your activity on Periscope. You can also consider starting a niche-specific campaign on another social platform, such as Snapchat, Pinterest, or Instagram.

4. Pumpkin carving contest

A pumpkin carving contest combines the atmosphere of Halloween with the fun of a friendly competition. You may also come up with other contest video ideas for Halloween. For example, you may encourage your followers to submit videos presenting their best costumes for Halloween 2017.

5. Halloween party interactive live stream

Every party needs a live stream. A Halloween party “live scream” will give your audience something to talk about. Host your own company or public Halloween party, and invite your followers to join the live stream! Make them feel included by incorporating interactive polls, real-time comments, and other immersive elements.

6. Comedy-horror mini-movie

Some comedy-horror will get your audience laughing, which will make them appreciate the message you have to share. A mini-movie can give your video marketing campaign some traction while promoting your brand. If your content creation team has a knack for comedy, then put them on the job.

7. Haunted house GoPro video

Branded haunted house GoPro footage is a great way to intrigue your audience and share a new, spooky experience with them. Many commercial haunted houses do not allow video recording. However, you can check with local haunted house productions, or better yet, host your own mini-haunted house for your viewers!

8. Costume design tutorial

Halloween hair, makeup, and fashion is a trendy topic of discussion. If you want to stand out with your event video marketing campaign for Halloween, create a costume design tutorial. The key here is to make a tutorial on an unpopular yet interesting costume idea, otherwise similar Halloween videos could steal views from yours.

9. Ghost stories Q&A

Hosting a Halloween-themed Q&A video serves a dual purpose, in fact. First, you can connect with your followers by collecting and answering questions from them. Second, you can promote your brand this Halloween season with a ghost stories promo video to entertain viewers.

10. Prank product demo video

Prank your audience, or record a prank for the audience to revel in. Either way, a scary commercial will get your audience talking. Of course, if your target audience wouldn’t appreciate a jump scare (e.g., families or business professionals), then go for a more mellow prank video!

11. Event invitation

If you are hosting an event and need a way to invite your audience, send out event video invitations. Create an animated or live-action clip stating the who, what, when, where, and why of your Halloween occasion. Be sure to keep your video invitation under 30 seconds.

12. Halloween scavenger hunt video

Your video marketing campaign can soar this Halloween with a scavenger hunt video. You can send your audience on their own scavenger hunts through clues in your videos. For instance, hidden annotations and secret links can unlock seasonal deals for your viewers. So, fill up your audience’s watchlist with welcome tricks and treats.

13. Create a Halloween-tinted commercial

You can create a traditional commercial for an upcoming event, then sprinkle in some Halloween spirit. Furthermore, a Halloween-themed commercial might be the most effective way to showcase what your event has to offer.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, these event video ideas for Halloween will give you some creative ideas for marketing this season. Halloween 2017 is a great opportunity to connect with your audience in a fun and meaningful way. However, beware of mediocre video production.

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