5 Tips to Choose the Best Keyword for Your YouTube Video

choose the best keywords

Knowing how to choose the best keyword for your YouTube video can be a tricky process.

With all the SEO techniques and search trends that never seem to end, some creators are confused about how to properly optimize their content for video search engines. Even though the process may not be your specialty, knowing how to choose the best keywords for video SEO is a must for any video marketer.

1. Make it unique.

choose the best keyword

A unique keyword? Those two words don’t seem to go together. Even though you should choose from an array of popular searchable terms, your keyword for a specific video should also stand out from other videos on your channel.

In other words, create a variety of video topics within your niche. Every niche, no matter how specialized, has a plethora of topics to choose from, new and old.

If your company offers affordable online coding classes targeted toward gamers, your keyword research for YouTube videos shouldn’t stop at “online coding classes for gamers” or “affordable coding classes.”

Research even more specific keywords to turn into video ideas for your YouTube channel:

  • how to code strategy games on C++
  • where to find coding hacks 2017
  • best coding platforms for beginning gamers

Instead of saying the same thing in different keywords, the more variety you find within your niche, the more audiences you will please.

2. Choose more than one keyword.

Yes, the title of this article is flawed. You should choose the best keywords–plural. Simply put, the more keywords you include in your transcript, video description, tags, and comments, the more opportunities your video has to show up in search engines.

Of course, you should choose one main keyword that is particularly relevant and SEO-friendly. This will go in your title, video file, tags, and other supportive locations.

You want to make your video as searchable as possible. The more relevant, non-spammy keywords you have linked to your video, the more opportunities you have to appear in the YouTube search.

For instance, if the focus keyword you have chosen for your video is “eyeliner tips for beginners,” rephrase the idea to come up with more keywords:

  • how to apply eyeliner
  • eyeliner tutorial
  • beginner eye makeup techniques

The structure of the above keywords are very different, but they are all extremely applicable to your video.

3. Use keyword research tools.

These tools will give you a comprehensive insight into which keywords are hot right now. Instead of simply guessing which keywords will give you the best results, you can do a little bit of research and factor in actual data to guarantee your results.

But here’s the trick: don’t choose the highest searched keyword in your niche. Of course, you want to avoid nonexistent keywords that are rarely searched.

But if you go for the keywords with the biggest numbers, your video won’t stand a chance amidst the competition. Instead, narrow down your focus and choose a high- to medium-ranking keyword relevant to your niche.

With a quick Google search, you can find plenty of online resources to choose the best keyword for YouTube. Some good free websites include:

  • Google Trends Explore
  • Keyword Keg
  • Keyword Tool Dominator

These tools can also help you narrow down your keywords according to region. Focusing on top keywords in your target location is essential to ranking higher.

4. Be specific. Very specific.

If you market to everyone, you’ll convert no one. Your business or YouTube channel should have a specific mission with a specific target audience. Your content, of course, should be tailored to this audience. Then, you must choose the best keyword for each video in your niche.

For instance, instead of “How to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers,” narrow it down to “12 Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Subscribers to Your YouTube Gaming Channel.” Furthermore, if you have found a medium-volume keyword to use, then fit it into the title.

More keyword-friendly title ideas include:

  • How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel with Social Media as Your Only Tool”
  • “12 Ways to Boost Conversions on Your New YouTube Gaming Channel
  • Growing a YouTube Gaming Channel in 12 Simple Steps”

Your video title must not sound forced, however. If a certain keyword just doesn’t fit, then choose another one.

5. Don’t overload on keywords.

choose the best keywords

This tip will help you choose the best keyword by avoiding a “keyword frenzy.” Even though you should choose multiple specific keywords, don’t overload the search engines.

Your video marketing strategy should be about videos, not keywords. Keywords definitely make it easier to find and convert potential clients. But if you cram your tags, description, and transcript with too many keywords, you will come off as spammy.

Not only that, but it will distract from the quality of your content. Keyword research should only take a fraction of your video production and video marketing process. Other more important steps include:

  • Creating valuable content
  • Interacting with viewers
  • Pitching to potential promoters

This tip isn’t intended to negate the rest of the article. But, once you have created your first handful of videos, you should get the keyword research process down to 20 minutes or less to avoid overloading on keywords.

Next Steps: Choose the Best Keyword

When you choose the best keyword, you set your YouTube channel up for search optimization success. Now, internet users who were previously unaware of your brand can discover your videos with a quick YouTube search.

Keywords are essential to the video marketing process, but when it comes to video production, a lot of businesses hit a roadblock. Filming and editing a professional video doesn’t have to be a hassle.

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