How to Tell a Story with Video: A Quick Guide

how to tell a story with video \

Telling a story on camera can be challenging, especially if you are new to it. However, learning how to tell a story with video is essential to thrive online.

Right now, a lot of big brands spend tons of cash to get their story out there. Telling a compelling story through a video can increase your conversion rate. You can also use videos to pitch to investors and personnel and accelerate the growth of your business.

A video is by far the best way to connect with your audience. Understanding how to tell a story with video allows you to deliver your message six thousand times faster. Video provides the perfect setting for a story—visuals, audio, text, and everything in between.

Video is the vehicle that will hold your audience spellbound. Storytelling through a video is an excellent way to pass a powerful message that will change the lives of your viewers. To understand how to tell a story with video, keep reading.

What Is Video Storytelling?

how to tell a story with video

Before you can understand how to tell a story with video, we must define storytelling. Storytelling is basically the art of delivering a message in a memorable and entertaining manner.

A good story creates an emotional relationship between you and your prospect or audience. In video marketing, compelling videos can be used to drive ads and increase sales. Simply put, you create an emotional connection with the audience by sharing a story to which they can relate, then tying this story into your marketing message.

Springing out ideas can be a challenge especially if you do not know how to tell a story with video. A proven way you can get inspiration for your next story is to read more or watch other people’s stories. For example, check out the video ideas below:

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How to Tell a Story with Video

1. Show, Don’t Tell

A lot of story writers have used this art to connect with their client and ultimately increase revenue. The art of showing your audience what they are looking for is central to video marketing.

Hold your audience by the hand; make them see things from your perspective, from the start to the end. When telling your audience a story, be as descriptive as possible.

Your video is like a canvas, you can showcase the personality of your brand to address the need for your audience. Using a voiceover or an animation when introducing the subject of the video is also a great choice for the creative brand.

2. Solve a Problem

how to tell a story with video

The major reason why people watch a video, besides for entertainment, is that they are looking for an answer. To hook your viewers, start your story with a specific problem that your audience is facing.

Then, use the characters in your story to share a possible solution to the problem. When you show a character of your story taking actionable steps toward a solution, your viewers will be inclined to do the same.

When your video elaborates on the pain of your prospect and provides an appealing solution, you are bound to succeed. This builds trust between you and the viewers. By solving a problem once for your audience, they will turn to your brand in the future for further problem solving.

3. Build Around Your Audience

Video analytics reveal that crafting an easy-to-follow story is one major way to increase revenue and subscribers. Strong, powerful and compelling stories can effectively convey all the information your audience needs.

Use all the information you have on your target audience to your advantage in this regard. Your goal in this regard is to connect emotionally with your prospects. As long as you have identified your target audience, you can create a video tailored to them.

With every step in the production process, keep your audience in mind. What kind of music do they like? Would they prefer an American or English narrator? What is their favorite color?

4. Focus on One Message

how to tell a story with video

When telling a story with a video, a lot of people have made the mistake of focusing on multiple messages. This seems like killing two birds with a stone, but the effect is actually the opposite.

When your story is not tailored to a particular topic, your audience becomes uninterested and overwhelmed. Creating a general video sets yourself up for failure against the growing competition found on online video platforms. Instead, creating a specific, intimate video will ensure success with your niche audience.

Focusing on a particular message when telling a story will hold your viewer spellbound. Of course, crafting a story with a single message can be challenging, but the result of performing proper research and providing creative solutions is worth it.

Now that you know the basic guidelines for how to tell a story with video, let’s get into some missteps to watch out for.

Video Storytelling Mistakes to Avoid

1. Sharing a long, elaborate story.

Obviously, your audience doesn’t have all day to watch your videos. Therefore, make sure you structure your story in a way that you can quickly deliver a short but rich story. The bottom line here is for you to cut out anything that will not benefit your audience.

2. Being unenthusiastic.

how to tell a story with video

Your voice should tell your audience that you are excited and convinced about what you are sharing with them. Stick out from the boring conferences and news out there. Instead, craft a story that will thrill and compel your readers to take action.

3. Creating a video in ignorance.

Make sure you are knowledgeable about what you are presenting to the audience. This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but many businesses simply spit out statistics or vague concepts in their videos.

Before you get in front of your camera, ensure that you know exactly what you want to say. Make it your brand’s custom to share in-depth information concerning the subject you are talking about. When you show off your expertise to the audience, they will trust you.

4. Forgetting to organize your video.

how to tell a story with video

Professional video production companies know that using a sequence to showcase series of shots, movements or action is one of the most effective ways to tell a story that will keep playing back in the minds of your audience. The art of using a sequence is what separates pros from amateurs.

5. Using cheap equipment.

Invest in high tech video production equipment. Most of the time, the quality of your video content is what makes your viewers glued to your video. If your company does not possess professional video production equipment, you can always hire a helping hand from Valoso to shoot and edit your video.

If you want to read more about how quality impacts your marketing success, check out the article below:

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Now that you know the basics of how to tell a story with video, it’s time to jumpstart your marketing campaign. No brand should be without proper video marketing technique. If you need help establishing your marketing strategy, contact Valoso.

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