Where to Source Event Videography for Any Occasion

event videography

Video is a must for any event. But event videography services can be difficult to source. You have to find the right event videographer with the right equipment with the right price, the right schedule, and the right skills.

Event photography and videography doesn’t have to be a hassle if you know where to get it from. Let’s talk about why video is so imperative as well as some of the best places to find videography.

Why Use Event Videography?

event videography

No matter what type of event you are hosting, videography serves a variety of essential functions.

First, marketing. Video is the most powerful digital medium. If you want to market an event, event videos will maximize your audience reception. In other words, crafted promo videos are highly engaging and effective as compared to a simple website, blog post, or social media post. Consider these ideas for event video marketing:

  • Increase attendance
  • Improve participation
  • Brand your business
  • Sell a product or service
  • Network with niche leaders
  • Connect with audience

Next, memory. This function is particularly applicable to wedding videography or other personal occasions. Video allows the audience to re-experience your events like no other medium. This comes in handy for family memories, but it can also be used to amp up a recurrent marketing event or to brand a company.

Live streaming is another key capacity of video. Whether you are hosting a business conference or a neighborhood cook-off, live event videography allows your attendees to connect with others from across the world. Furthermore, videography can also create immersive experiences such as digital tours and VR integration.

Tips for Choosing an Event Videographer

event videography

1. Determine your scope.

Every event video project is different. Don’t assume you will require the same scope for every project. Instead, evaluate each project individually to determine your needs. These questions can get you started:

How many videographers do you need to hire? Decide how many video cameras you would like at your event. What kinds of shots do you need?

What kind of footage do you need? Some videographers specialize in, and have the right equipment for, certain types of videos, such as drone, underwater, and B-roll footage.

How much footage do you need? Many videographers charge by the hour or day, while others charge for the entire project depending on how many minutes of video you want.

What kind of editing do you need? Some videographers double as video editors. However, you may want to consider choosing a separate videographer and video editor.

2. Check their résumé.

Most videographers will present some sort of résumé to their potential clients. Ask for their previous work history, examples of their work, and even references. Make sure they can live up to your expectations.

If anything seems sketchy, step out of the deal. You can find plenty of other videographers who can do the job for you without having to question their motives.

3. Price it right.

Determine if a videographer’s rates equate to their value (i.e., experience level, industry, equipment, packages). If a videographer offers special equipment or services, such as live streaming or VR conversion, expect a greater charge.

The average wage for event videographers is always fluctuating. Gauge the competition in your local area to best determine fair videography rates.

4. Remember, you are in charge.

Certainly, you should delegate most of the creative tasks to the experienced videographer. However, don’t let them walk all over your vision for the event.

Ask the videographer their specific plans for filming and editing your event. Give them a guide as to what you are looking for in the finished product (e.g., a modern and sophisticated promotional video).

Where to Source Event Videography

event videography

Ever heard of the project management triangle? The principle is that a project (in this case, an event) is limited by time, quality, and cost. The simplified version expresses that a manager can only choose two of these preferences—or, two points of the triangle—and put a small dent in the other one.

For example, an event that is planned quickly and on a low budget will not be spectacular. Whereas, a successful event with rapid production will take a considerable financial toll. You get the idea.

Let’s look into your event videography sourcing options in relation to the principles of time, quality, and cost.

Low Cost, Quick Production

DIY video production is budget-friendly, but it often suffers on quality and time. If you rent video equipment, event videography pricing is doable. But if you don’t already know the ins and outs of videography and video editing, then DIY production is more of a hassle than it is worth.

Other video production companies offer quick, cheap production, but their level of quality flounders. You’ll probably want to avoid this option because when it comes to video, quality is everything.

Quick Production, High Quality

Many video production companies offer excellent quality video and even quick production. With these two elements, though, cost often grows. If you have the budget, then finding event videography packages may be the best option. To find services, type in “event videography near me,” as the best companies vary by location.

High Quality, Low Cost

Achieving a high-quality, low-cost video requires time investment. Most event managers plan events months, or at least weeks, in advance. So, extended production time may not be an issue. Freelance videographers are the best option for high quality work and affordable pricing, as all the costs associated with hiring a company do not apply.

Quick Production, Low Cost, & High Quality Videography

Valoso’s goal is to reach the center of the event management triangle—excelling in time, quality, and cost.

We offer affordable event videography pricing and exclusive deals to save you on production expenses. Our company sources freelance videographers from local areas across the globe, making our services accessible and flexible. Above all, we produce high-quality video content for you.

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