Innovative Live Stream Marketing Strategies

Live Stream Marketing Strategies

Could live stream marketing be the future of social media? With the recent launch of Facebook Live, which allows users to stream live video via Facebook and instantly access all followers, it looks like it could. The good news for video marketing strategists is that Facebook also lets you record live videos for later use. Live video is easy to capture from a phone and requires no editing, but to re-purpose live video for later use, you’ll want to keep some things in mind before pressing record.

What to Do Before Recording Your Live Video

Live video is meant to be candid, but when shooting a video in real time, you run the risk of going off topic and losing your audience’s interest. Having a plan for your video before recording will help you stay on topic so that your content is easily watchable and relevant throughout. There is, of course, the option of editing the recorded video, but staying on track when filming makes this process easier. Once it’s recorded, viewers can come back to the video so those who missed it can experience it as if it were live. Check out the video below to learn more about Facebook Live.

So how can you re-purpose your video after it’s recorded?

Sharing Your Live Video

Facebook Live’s options menu gives you the option to download your video. Once it’s saved to your computer, you can share it to many websites, including your own. The most obvious (and perhaps most effective)  video sharing site is YouTube. Their description and tags features are designed to lead the right viewers to your video. Another benefit of YouTube sharing is their video editing feature, which allows you to trim the video.

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Editing Your Live Video

Not everyone interested in a video’s content is willing to sit through the entire thing. The good news is they don’t have to. You’re bound to cover separate topics throughout the length of a live broadcast. In the video editing process, try locating specific topics you touch upon and cut them into individual videos. Also, use these shorter videos as answers to quick questions viewers may have or as promotional material for your next live video. For quick and easy access to an ever-widening pool of freelance video editors, Valoso has just what you need.

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Other Ways to Use Live Stream Marketing Videos

Even though YouTube is a fantastic choice for video hosting, video can be shared virtually anywhere. Live stream marketing via social media is the best way to ensure your video gets seen. Video snippets can have tremendous success on Snapchat and Instagram. Embed codes, which are often provided with videos and easily found by clicking ‘share’, make it easy to upload to your individual blog or website. You can share a video link on any website. You may even design a graphic to go with the link. Pictures are more successful on visual social media platforms such as Instagram.

Consider extending your reach further than the obvious social media platforms. CoSchedule suggests using smaller sites like Quora, LinkedIn, and Google+ to promote content, as other marketers may overlook them. Targeting the communities on those websites can give you an edge in the marketing world.

Following these steps will help you make great use of live video even after the camera stops rolling.