#GoLive: Twitter Live Streaming is the Next Big Thing in Social Media

Finally. The #GoLive Twitter campaign has launched. Now, Twitter live content is available to create and view for all Twitter users. Twitter is a little late in the game, considering Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have already introduced their own live streaming campaigns. However, nothing will stop Twitter live streaming from taking over the future. Keep reading to discover how Twitter Live Now is the next big thing in the world of social media.

Twitter Live Video Marketing Strategy

Twitter live video

Even though Twitter has only a fraction of the number of users that Facebook and YouTube have, the social network is still a major competitor on the Internet. Millennials are drawing away from Facebook and moving toward the more hip hashtags and handles of Twitter. Brands have learned to create a Twitter account if they want to maximize their reach to their target audience.

Now that Twitter is a major player in the world of live video, businesses and individuals will start introducing the Twitter live stream app to their marketing strategies. This is a smart move, as live video on Twitter has been a capability that millennials have been waiting for. Any business that uses live streaming in their marketing strategy in 2017 is setting themselves up for more views, more engagement, and more conversions.

What Happens to Periscope?

Twitter live Periscope

As you may know, Twitter purchased the social live stream app, Periscope, in 2015. Periscope has become the most widely used social media app that focuses solely on live streaming. The live streaming interface on Twitter is identical to Periscope’s, which means the difference between the two platforms rests elsewhere. Twitter live vs. Periscope is now a question that people are starting to ask, but the answer is simple.

Periscope and Twitter will obviously work in unison to support the growth of one another. As existing Twitter users start to see the benefits of live streaming, they may be convinced to start promoting themselves on Periscope. And, Periscope’s lovers of live streaming will be the first to see the potential and take advantage of Twitter live broadcasts. Periscope is an excellent marketing tool, so perhaps the introduction of #GoLive will encourage businesses to take advantage of the app.

What’s Next?

Twitter live stream

Now that one of the biggest social networks of 2017 has introduced live streaming, who knows what this will precipitate. Other social networks, such as Pinterest and LinkedIn, may consider adding live streaming capabilities to their platforms. Businesses and personalities on Twitter may come to revolutionize their marketing strategies after experimenting with the #GoLive campaign.

The essence of live streaming is “being real” with your audience. Most businesses spend days planning, producing, and perfecting the online videos they extend to their audiences. But, when a brand creates a live stream video, the content is raw and authentic. The charm of creating genuine live videos for your followers can be enhanced by the quality of video you present.

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