YouTube's Top Ten Viral Videos of 2015

Viral videos on YouTube are almost a phenomenon if you think about it. The fact that tens, even hundreds, of millions of people can watch one video in a matter of days or weeks...
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Top 5 Ways to Hone in on Your Target Audience

Do you want your proposal to be swept away with lightning speed from video advertising, emails lists, or posts in social networks? What do your business promotions look like offline? Communicate with your target...
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How to Create an Effective Video Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

Building an effective video marketing strategy is a crucial step for brand promotion. Without a pre-built, step-by-step plan, your results will not coincide with your expectations. In fact, it will be difficult to track or measure the...
video marketing strategy

Video Marketing Strategy: 10 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

Video marketing strategy has been the talk of the town because of its effectiveness in driving traffic and lead generation to your website. But sometimes we found ourselves getting frustrated because we couldn't achieve the...
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Top 10 Best Adverts of 2016: Valoso’s Version

2016 turned out to be very eventful for video marketers: there was a unprecedented amount of viral advertisements. But we believe that the number of views is not the most important criterion for the...
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16 Reasons Your Business Should Hire Freelancers

Have you ever wanted to hire freelancers for your business? Many companies don't quite understand the value that hiring freelancers can bring to their business. Freelancing online is the labor market of the future. If your business wants...

The Ultimate Guide To Event Video Marketing

An effective event video marketing strategy will increase the sales of most any product on the Internet. Using online video to promote an event is fast becoming the highly preferred instrument in the experiential marketing domain. Event promotion,...