How to Start Your Own Video on Demand Website


You certainly cannot keep other options open if you are looking how to create a video on demand website. VOD platforms are primarily for entertainment. It is a membership-based video streaming platform with respect to video-on-demand platforms in the present state of media outlet, giving abundant video content which ranges from well known musical shows to top-notch Hollywood motion pictures.

If you are taking a normal American into consideration, video on demand server such as Netflix has dependably been the best destination which internet savvies look forward to.


Numerically, to devour all the substance of a VOD platform, one human life is not adequate. A sub branch of this recommendation is the crazy measure of cash that Netflix made from the last quarter of 2016-$2158 million. If you are really looking how to create a video on demand website then you must also know that other significant players in this industry are Hulu and Dailymotion.

What do Streaming Services Require From You?

By all accounts,there is a great deal of undiscovered potential in the video-on-demand (VOD) segment. If you are looking to use a VOD streaming server, you require unrivaled mastery in technologies like Amazon S2 and S3 distributed storage.

Aside from this, you should be knowledgeable about the RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) streaming and Wowza media engine. In addition, the system for video on demand sites must not be confined to simply PCs. Video on demand sites ought to be running on mobile phones and gadgets of different resolutions and sizes.

Video on Demand hasn’t become famous over the time for no reason. To keep the performance up for such sites, you require exceedingly brilliant cloud facilitating administrations. For the video on demand sites of such extent, programming licenses don’t come simply. As a general rule, they are valued at extreme sums of money.



If you want to know how to create a video on demand website you must always keep certain specks in mind which would get you a brilliant platform for your convenience. These being:

  1. Encoding
  2. Decoding
  3. Online Streaming
  4. Transmission

Except for a couple of profoundly rich firms, building sites like Netflix are out of the reach of common man. This is the where white-label CMS solutions come into the picture. These are straightforward and completely economical readymade VOD server software that is easily adaptable.

VOD streaming servers deal with your content expansion and ownership. Any issues related to multiple gadget agreements are additionally attended to. Also, this video streaming script accompanies many high-end features and guarantees incomparable video experience.

Which Are The Biggest VOD Services?

Amazon used to lead the domain of subscription Video on Demand services. Each year yielded trillions of viewers and Amazon continued to beat their own records time to time. Currently, Netflix has become the torchbearer in the Subscription Video on Demand domain. Netflix has allured abundant viewers enough to achieve a 10% more of the market share than Amazon. Certain VOD software solutions can even commit to delivering a Netflix like website or an unhampered clone of it.

Questions like “How to create a video on demand website” have been fired from time to time as people got indebted to Netflix and Amazon Prime. Multi National Industries are also looking to create VOD platforms so that their business is kick-started at a totally different level.

One such turnkey solution is StreamView which would create a VOD website following the Netflix business model or any other VOD stage according to your preference. StreamView initiates a video on demand script with an economical expenditure and customizable features. Everything which Netflix contains will be present in the clone. In case of any other extension required by the appealer it will be added to the script as a supplement.

At StreamView the HTTP format is being converted into HSL and RTMP so that it works on iOS and Android devices. Videos will play without any delay, lag and will be deprived of buffering. A Linux operating system is the best platform where the VOD server software or the video on demand script will be launched. The code used must be nothing other than PHP.

They have three main VOD models:

  • Transactional VOD – A rental or an upfront payment is being made to the platform by the consumer for accessing all the video content with the help of different delivery methods.The price can range from $1.99 to $15.99.
  • Subscription VOD – A membership fee is provided to the rights holder on a monthly basis by the consumer which allows him access to an archive of content.Subscription fees for these platforms range from $8.99 to $9.99.
  • Advertising based VOD – The benefactor here gets a good share of the revenue that has been collected from advertisements. This makes such platforms free of cost.

Where Do I Start?

Let us discuss in brief as to how you would start your own video on demand stage to make a profit.

  • Generate excellent and unparallel content.
  • Create content such as PDF or podcasts which would go with your videos.
  • Create an archive of contents including a DVD menu to stack your videos.
  • Quote a price for your premium videos.
  • Create your website in such a way that it can readily accept subscriptions.
  • Promote your content on social media and online forums.


There is certainly no living soul dwelling on this planet who does not want to witness their most treasured flicks and television series as per their convenience. Video on Demand is one such gem which allows an individual to do so. Also summarized as VoD in the industry it has quite similar features to that of a DVR service where recording and halting any content for later use is possible.

VoD services represent a “Pay-Per-View” model which is administered by “OTT streaming service providers”. Users will definitely have to pay for the services and will be enjoying these benefits without any complication.

All things said it is crucial to mention that VOD server software shareholders have begun commencing solutions which are rich in features such as customizable options and providing consumers with more processed metadata and ways to connect with other consumers real-time. Such a commencement is indeed a blessing.