live streaming

Live Streaming Video Ideas for Your Business

Live streaming is one of the newer innovative video marketing tools. Especially relevant is the fact that it can be an indispensable method of development for almost any business. In addition, potential customers can...
fake news

Fake News vs. Real: What Does it Mean for 2017?

We've all been victims of fake news, if not once, than many times over the past year. The nature and speed of online sharing coupled with the general public's apparent greed for constant entertainment,...
hotel marketing

Top Reasons Why Videos Are Best for Hotel Marketing

When organizing a trip, the most important part for any traveler, apart from deciding their destination, is figuring out where they will be staying. If you’re an hotelier, it is important that you take...
instagram advertising

10 Proven Tactics for Creating Instagram Video Advertising

Have you gotten complacent with the new system of Instagram feed? Do you believe that most potential customers do not even see your posts and know nothing about you? If so, something is wrong...

YouTube's Top Ten Viral Videos of 2015

Viral videos on YouTube are almost a phenomenon if you think about it. The fact that tens, even hundreds, of millions of people can watch one video in a matter of days or weeks...
Generate More Leads for Your Business with Video

Generate Leads for Your Business with Video

You already know that video is appealing, interesting, and can cause quite a buzz. But did you know that video can also be one of the most effective ways to generate leads? Believe it...
social video in 2017

17 Statistics That Will Convince You to Use Social Video in 2017

Social video in 2017 couldn't be a bigger topic of interest. Studies have shown that video by 2017 will become one of the most--if not the most--influential mediums on the Internet. With the rise of...
video marketing efforts

85% of Marketers Confirm: Video Marketing Efforts Have a Positive ROI

Well, 84.9%, to be exact. Video marketing efforts can significantly lead a business to success. Nowadays, developing a video marketing strategy is crucial for any business in order to flourish. Because digital media has become the...
tips for looking good on camera

5 Tips for Looking Good On Camera

It's all about video these days, isn't it? With all the vloggers on YouTube, and people live streaming on Periscope and Facebook Live every single day, there's one thing we can be sure of: looking good...
effective video marketing strategy

How to Create an Effective Video Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

Building an effective video marketing strategy is a crucial step for brand promotion. Without a pre-built, step-by-step plan, your results will not coincide with your expectations. In fact, it will be difficult to track or measure the...