drones at events

24 Inventive Ways to Use Drones at Events [Infographic]

The best drone ideas are those that bring on the future. Drones at events are a growing trend; one that changes how we interact within an event. Not only that, but drones are also...
animated video

Top 5 Reasons to Use Animation in Video Marketing

Back in the days before the Internet, when information was in short supply, consumers spent a lot of time researching before buying. Now, with information in excess and the speed of absorption and processing...
instagram stories ads

Instagram Stories Ads: A Game-Changer for Advertising

Remember when Instagram launched Instagram Stories, the Snapchat-like feature everybody's been talking about? Well, now the platform is venturing into the next natural stage for digital platforms: advertising with Instagram Stories ads. To be fair, advertising...
Video marketing

Video Marketing: 10 Ways Videos Can Improve Your Business

10 Ways Video Marketing Can Improve Your Business There are tons of creative ways you can use video marketing for your business. Some ideas include creating video business cards to share with potential clients. Or...
Snapchat video marketing

Snapchat Video Marketing Tips: The Next Step to Social Media Success

Now is the time to take marketing on Snapchat seriously. As businesses are moving toward modern technology for promotion, Snapchat as a marketing tool is becoming increasingly popular. Snapchat video marketing strategy is the next biggest thing...
Facebook trending topics

Facebook Trending Topics: How It Affects Your Marketing Strategy

With access to the largest social network globally, Facebook trending topics advertising has become a crucial part of any brand's marketing strategy. Recently, Facebook trending changed to make its process more automated. This could mean a...
hotel marketing

Top Reasons Why Videos Are Best for Hotel Marketing

When organizing a trip, the most important part for any traveler, apart from deciding their destination, is figuring out where they will be staying. If you’re an hotelier, it is important that you take...
viral event videos

How to Make an Event Go Viral With Viral Event Videos

Ever wanted to know how to make an event go viral? Now is your chance to learn. By understanding how to make your event go viral with viral event videos, you can make a greater impact...
black friday marketing

How to Use Online Video in Your Black Friday Marketing Strategy

It's no secret that video marketing can have an incredible impact on any business. Even though you might only look to social media or email for your upcoming Black Friday marketing strategy, adding video to your...
social live streaming

Which Social Live Streaming Platform Is Right for Your Business?

Social live streaming is a gleaming phenomenon that millennials and marketers alike are falling in love with. What live social media streaming does can do is give us the opportunity to connect with others face to face...