youtube optimization

5 Incredible Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Channel [Infographic]

Imagine that hundreds of viewers who watch, like and share your YouTube videos. This is an endless stream of free traffic to your resources. YouTube optimization should be your ultimate focus in the world...
event video ideas

34 Event Video Ideas to Rock Your Marketing Campaign

Video is a captivating medium. It can turn any marketing campaign into a conducive social endeavor. When it comes to promoting an event, event video is a must. Planning an event video but don't know where to go...
shoppable video

Why Shoppable Video is the Future of Online Retail

What if you could instantly purchase one of your favorite TV characters' outfits? With shoppable video, that dream may soon be a reality. The concept of shoppable video has been in the eCommerce consciousness for nearly two...
social media marketing mistakes

9 Shocking Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

It’s not easy to admit, but in addition to successful accounts on Instagram and Facebook, iridescent success Instastories and hundreds of popular posts, many online marketers have another side of experience. These are social...
buyer's journey

Use Video to Guide the Buyer’s Journey of Your Customers

Why do we insist on creating a video content series rather than just one video? What's the point of having more than one? It's for the same reason a politician running for office doesn't make...
video marketing mistakes

10 Video Marketing Mistakes That Slash Your Profits

You just spent $200, $2,000, or maybe $20,000 on video marketing but it did not do anything for your sales or brand awareness. No positive result at all. Why did this happen? Because something went wrong due...

Explainer Videos: A Must for Your Startup

Knowing how to promote a startup successfully can be a challenge. One of the most crucial marketing strategies for startups is a simple startup explainer video. If you are clueless on how to market...
video marketing tips

Video Marketing Tips to Increase Sales & Online Presence

Marketing has made its presence known on the Internet, is becoming the prominent way to deliver the best advertising results. As businesses strive to find marketing products that match their needs, they may find it challenging...
virtual reality

Virtual Reality: Brand Your Business With This Powerful Trend

As virtual reality becomes increasingly popular among millennials, companies are starting to ask the question: "Is virtual reality the new reality business standard?" Indeed it is. No matter what the niche, any business can benefit from virtual reality promotion....
video marketing trends

Video Marketing Trends Dominate in Mary Meeker’s Report

On June 1, something substantial happened in the video industry. Those of us who are interested in video marketing trends finally got a chance to check out Mary Meeker, the venture capitalist, and her firm...