Promoting Your ICO? Tell Your Story with Video


With the recent surge in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) among blockchain cryptocurrency projects, setting yourself apart is becoming increasingly difficult. Combining the power of video with storytelling can elevate the message of your ICO so that it stands out and gives potential investors the sought after information they need.

Why Video is So Important for Your ICO Marketing Campaign

By far, video is the most versatile tool in the ICO marketer’s toolbox. From live streaming announcements to interviewing team members, video offers potential investors a way to discover your true strengths in a quick and easy format.

Right now, to learn about an ICO, an investor must either painstakingly research the company’s website and white paper or rely on a third party. But how do you know truth from scam in the wild west cryptocurrency environment?

Many, if not most ICOs are being hastily thrown together to get in on the current craze. They want to cash in quickly and investors most likely will never see a return on those investments.

Video storytelling offers multiple ways for investors to see inside an ICO startup while allowing serious ICOs to get their message across amidst a sea of scams and misinformation. Here’s how:

Establishing Transparency

Transparency is one way of telling whether or not a team is actually in business for the long haul. Plus, investors want to know who is behind the ICO they are considering.

By featuring the founders in a video on the website’s “About Page” and sharing it across social media, each ICO has a unique chance to tell the story of how it all started. People crave a story they can connect with, one that showcases real people who have an important message.

Explaining Your Solution

If it’s obvious that your ICO will revolutionize a certain industry, or solve a widespread problem, it will be that much easier to bring investors in. Solutions that make sense and are well thought out are attractive to investors who are often confused as to what exactly ICOs are even about.

They might read the white paper and somewhere within is the convoluted, technical explanation. But telling the story in a video is the most efficient way to detail a real world problem—and what you intend to do about it.

Giving Investors a Reason to Buy In

You want to give investors a reason to take part in your ICO, right? Try appealing to social issues. A recent study revealed that 69% of millennials now expect businesses to engage with social issues.

They want to know the company they’re investing in is doing something to help solve global problems. A story about investing for a reason is far more compelling than just investing to make more money. Make your mission statement a storytelling video that touches the hearts of your audience.

Covering All Your Bases

There are three main investor audiences in the ICO marketplace today:

  1. Miners, fin-tech experts, blockchain engineers, developers and others with a deep knowledge of cryptocurrencies.
  2. Entrepreneurs who have recently taken a shine to the disruptive nature of ICO’s and are on their learning journey.
  3. Those who still have no idea what bitcoin is, yet their interest is piqued.

When marketing an ICO, you may struggle to determine the exact audience. This is because the industry is just now gaining momentum. Until companies evaluate the analytics about marketing strategies for the multitude of 2017 ICOs, how can they be sure of their audience?

One way is to use a storytelling video that appeals to all three groups. The one thing in common that all three audiences have is that they are all human. And humans love stories.

Gathering Excitement

Video storytelling gives startups a chance to show their enthusiasm as they reach hard earned goals. In the video example above, an important surprise announcement is made and recorded in front of a large audience. This same video also gives investors a chance to get to know the CEO.

Investors are getting savvier and the ICO marketplace is growing exponentially. As a result, ICO promotion becomes a serious challenge. By embracing video storytelling within the campaign, the chances of your ICO attracting attention will only increase.

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