34 Event Video Ideas to Rock Your Marketing Campaign

event video ideas

Video is a captivating medium. It can turn any marketing campaign into a conducive social endeavor. When it comes to promoting an event, event video is a must. Planning an event video but don’t know where to go with it? You may need to check out this list of event video ideas to add to your marketing plan.

34 Event Video Ideas for Your Next Celebration

1. Event live stream

Live streams can enhance your marketing tactics and reach new viewers. These are the most popular social platforms for public live streams:

  • Periscope
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Event live streams serve a plethora of purposes. They increase audience engagement, maximize your guest list (including virtual attendees), and produce promo footage.

2. Timelapse

A time-lapse video brings your entire event together. Creative event video ideas can put your mission in a new light that is perfect for your marketing campaign.

3. Music video

Event video ideas that incorporate music leverage two influential mediums: audio and video. A creative music video is a refreshing way for viewers to indulge in your event.

4. Save the date video

Focusing on the date of your event will give your viewers something to remember. Furthermore, it will motivate them to take action and clear their calendars for your upcoming occasion.

5. Event trailer

Trailers can shape events in a fun, memorable way. Create a movie-style trailer for your own stylish event. This will get viewers hyped for your event and interested in your brand.

6. Video invites

Event video invites will boost your event marketing strategy. Why? They can go viral in an instant. Create a video invite for your event, post in on social media, and encourage your followers to share it to invite their friends.

7. Speech video

The key to a great speech video is excellent audio quality. Make sure to equip your event with quality microphones. Speech, talk, or lecture videos contain stimulating content for your viewers to enjoy.

8. Behind the scenes video

BTS videos showcase the raw, human side of your event. Instead of putting on a show for the audience, show the audience how you put it on.

9. Before and after video

Before and after videos contain a reveal that will keep your audience on the edge of their seats. Among other event video ideas, before and after’s can showcase almost anything, from the effects of a new product or the difference made by a team effort.

10. Product demo video

Record a demonstration of a new or trending product at your event. Be sure to make an outline before the event of what to exhibit and which features to highlight.

11. 360° video

360° videos allow you to share the whole experience of your event with viewers all over the world. 360° event video coverage also brands your event as dynamic.

12. Interactive live stream

Don’t just broadcast your event to the world. Engage these virtual guests in the event. Host live polls or contests, ask for feedback, and respond to real-time comments.

13. Drone video

Drone tech sets up any event organizer to record clever, moving videos. If you need drone event video ideas, look no further: 24 Inventive Ways to Use Drones at Events [Infographic]

14. Launch video

At your event, you may launch a startup, product, service, project, or update. Film this launch and promote it online. An event launch video can give your viewers a clearer grasp of your goal.

15. Challenge video

Research trending challenges or come up with your own branded challenge. Perform this challenge at the event, include your guests, and capture the results.

16. Review video

Review videos give valued intel to your market. At your event, you can review the latest tech in your niche, a trending service, or other tools.

17. Industry news video

One way to move up in your niche is to talk about relevant news. At your event, spill the latest predictions, reports, and leaks. Then, share this info in a branded video.

18. Interview video

If your event has a hot guest, pounce on the chance for an exclusive interview. Record an interview with the star of your event, with or without a script.

19. Q&A video (with a twist)

A Q&A event video is a great way to connect with your audience. To make your “Ask me anything” videos really stand out, make a unique tie with your brand. Some ideas for your next event Q&A are:

  • Solve practical “FAQ” queries
  • Answer each question in under 10 words (or 10 seconds)
  • Ask for questions that relate to a certain topic

20. Mini-movie

Event video filming can turn into more than just a promo video. You can think about making your own pint-sized film feature to market your next event.

21. Event documentary

An event documentary can take the viewer through each step of an event. This can be a great tool to immerse new guests and depict the goal of your occasion.

22. Tour video

You can record a tour of your event site, or an engaging tour of what’s going on at your event. Either way, a tour video is among the most riveting video ideas for events.

23. Animation video

Animation is not the first thing you think of to make an event video. However, this artsy element can make your event stand out. You can also create a hybrid video—a mix of animation and footage.

24. Private live stream

Not all live streams have to be public. Hosting a private live stream can be a way to alter your brand perception, retrieve quality responses from an interactive live stream, or monetize your event.

25. Event commercial

A compelling event promo video can lure your audience. It will also take your promotion to the next level. In an event commercial, observe these tips:

  • Promote the small details that make your event stand out
  • Explain why viewers should go to your event
  • Be creative and keep it short—30 seconds is ideal

26. Event highlights

“Highlight” is defined as “an outstanding part of an event.” Boil down your event to the best scenes to grab the viewers’ attention.

27. Virtual reality video

VR has a lot of potential for any event. A virtual event video can excite guests and engage followers before and after your event.

28. Guest testimonials

Ask event attendees to share how they felt about your event. Catch their positive reviews on film, and edit this into a meaningful video.

29. Year in review video

Each event has a story. To share yours, create a rewind video. Review all that has happened around your event in the past year. For example, a wedding rewind video may show a compilation of the couple’s love story from the start.

30. Panel discussion video

A panel discussion is similar to an interview or Q&A video. Take a handful of qualified panelists, then spark an insightful discussion. You can later use this content to give your event marketing traction.

31. Snapchat campaign

Snapchat is an effective weapon for any event video marketing campaign. The platform can excite followers, increase engagement, and lead to conversions. Follow these ideas for a Snapchat campaign:

  • Host a Snapchat takeover during the event
  • Post content exclusive to Snapchat
  • Snap highlights, Q&A, BTS, and more during the event

32. Bloopers

Blooper clips are always fun to watch. So compile some of your own event bloopers. They will not only make your viewers laugh, but show them the real side of your event.

33. Entertainment video

Every event needs entertainment. Otherwise, the crowd gets bored and your event takes a dive. An entertaining event video, such as music or comedy, will make event marketing a breeze.

34. Guest spotlights

Make your guests feel special by spotlighting them on the big screen. You don’t need a big-name speaker for success. Instead, promote the guests that make up your event!

How to Rock Your Event Video Marketing

Event video marketing can skyrocket attendance, boost conversions, and improve brand perception. But to be effective, you must use video marketing best practices.

Our top tip for promoting event video ideas is to keep the production quality high. Don’t settle for second-rate videography and video editing. Valoso provides professional video production for every need.

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