Live Streaming Video Ideas for Your Business

live streaming

Live streaming is one of the newer innovative video marketing tools. Especially relevant is the fact that it can be an indispensable method of development for almost any business. In addition, potential customers can feel like they’re a part of your organization. By taking a closer look at live streaming, we can reveal the benefits to your business.

A Bit of History

Since Blab became the first live streaming video service, it has quickly paved the way for video streaming to become the main trend in digital marketing.…and it did! As a result, today, huge multinational companies like Adidas, Nestle, Doritos, etc. use live streaming videos to improve their brand.

live streaming

What about Facebook?

Live streaming video hosting is used not only by done brands. There are also live streaming video games, news, concerts, etc. Furthermore, in December 2015, Facebook launched its own live streaming service for free. Since gaining instant popularity, it is now the most common live streaming video service provider. Many celebrities, public and even political figures use Facebook Live for the promotion of their activities. Just imagine that in 2015, this social network spent more than $50 million on contracts with celebrities to popularize their live streaming service.

What About the Benefits of Live Streaming for Business?

One hundred million Americans watch online video each day. In addition, a service like Periscope has 10 million active users of video streaming. If you hit your target audience, the result of your video streaming will be stunning. The Live Stream Video (LSV) has a number of advantages over other marketing tools. The first one is a real-time mode. Users can get answers to their questions almost immediately, which increases their interest in your product. Next, any live streaming video website, as well as all video streaming apps, provide a personal touch to marketing. This allows the creation of a genuine relationship of trust with your target audience. A perfect example of such a relationship using video stream, which was organized by Mark Zuckerberg, shows him answering customer questions in real time.

The Facebook live streaming video platform has one big advantage over all other video streaming services: using social networking as a marketing tool, you already have an active audience for your business, which can be further used in video online chatting.

Here are some great ideas to use live streaming video for business:

Share Live Events

Are you finding that holding an event and using a traditional video report does not attract as much attention as you would like? No problem! Sharing live events is the most popular way to use video streaming. Just look how Apple does exactly that.

Q&A Sessions and Webinars

Video streaming can be used to stream lectures and master classes, so you can use it to train your customers or even employees of your company.

live streaming

How To…

Explaining something has never been easier, as LSV can be used as a guide in real time.


Invite a star, entrepreneur, even one of your customers, and live stream their interview. Share this with others online, just like this one:

Tell About Your Business

Video streaming is a great marketing tool if your business is in the development stage. Do not miss the opportunity to tell everyone about your business!

Talk About Trending Events

Do you want to discuss trending events related to your business? Or share your reasoning with like-minded people? Fantastic! Live Streaming provides excellent opportunities to bring up relevant trends.

Show What to Expect

Your target audience will want to anticipate what is coming next. Great. Use streaming to interest your customers even more.

Show a Project Launch

Tell everyone that you are working on a new project. Let the whole world know about it!

Show Your Project Status

Development news for your next project could be very interesting to your customers. Show them the results at your current stage.

Behind-the-Scenes Views

Put up the curtain! Thanks to live streaming video, you can easily demonstrate the internal processes of your business, which are usually hidden from the consumers’ eyes.

Share What’s Happening

Live streaming can be used to talk about current events and share experiences or observations. As your viewers get to know you, your brand is building.

Product Demonstrations

Is the development of your new product finished? So share this with customers. Thanks to LSV, you can do it easily, quickly and conveniently.

Run Contests

Surely you know that contests are a great way to attract attention. So, what are you waiting for? Use video streaming to double the demand for your service or product!

Improve Media Coverage

So, by using LSV, you can demonstrate the openness and responsiveness of your company. It may be an on-line conference with the various executives, or directly with consumers.

Sports Broadcasts

If your business and its target audience are connected with sports, non-usage of video streaming is an unforgivable mistake. Just like surveys are popular on social media, you, too, can also increase the interest of the audience for the competition by conducting a survey about the sports participants, the event itself, the winners, etc.

Live Cooking

You can stream the cooking process if your business is related to the food industry. Teach your customers to cook better!

Another way to engage your audience is with educational content. Live streaming video, by enabling everybody to learn together, is a great way to share knowledge and experience.

Finally, here are a couple of video streaming tips to always remember. Use a high-quality live streaming video camera to get desired results, and also be sure to utilize an appropriate brand of video streaming software. Good luck!



Image Credits: PracticalEcommerce;  CyberAlertScoopnest