hotel marketing

Top Reasons Why Videos Are Best for Hotel Marketing

When organizing a trip, the most important part for any traveler, apart from deciding their destination, is figuring out where they will be staying. If you’re an hotelier, it is important that you take...
social video in 2017

9 Video Marketing Myths That Must Be Dispelled

Video marketing goes more viral with each day and it is not for nothing. Put simply, it represents yet another popular strategy that marketers apply after creating high-quality written content. Moreover, this method of...
video marketing mistakes

10 Video Marketing Mistakes That Slash Your Profits

You just spent $200, $2,000, or maybe $20,000 on video marketing but it did not do anything for your sales or brand awareness. No positive result at all. Why did this happen? Because something went wrong due...
video marketing tips

Video Marketing Tips to Increase Sales & Online Presence

Marketing has made its presence known on the Internet, is becoming the prominent way to deliver the best advertising results. As businesses strive to find marketing products that match their needs, they may find it challenging...
Reach Higher Audience with Live Streaming Video

How to Reach A Higher Audience by Live Streaming Your Courses

Live streaming is one of the hottest marketing trends of 2016 due to the fact that it enables businesses large and small to reach a higher audience with the click of a button. Streaming a live video...
entertainment media

TV Shows vs. Movies: Which Entertainment Media Will Prevail?

The TV vs. movies debate has been going on for decades. Which entertainment media and technology has the grandest potential in the future remains an a unrelenting question in 2017. The argument between TV show bingers and movie buffs...
youtube cooperation

How to Cooperate with YouTube Bloggers

Did you know that you can dress a YouTube celebrity in a t-shirt with your brand’s logo and hundreds of new customers will come to you the next day? This is only one way of...
ways to collect market research

7 Effective Ways to Collect Market Research

Why would a business collect market research? How do you collect market research? What are the best ways to collect market research? These are some of the questions that may have lead you to this article. Understanding how...
landing page videos

Landing Page Videos: The Hottest Trend in 2016

According to video branding experts Hyperfine Media, the use of landing page videos is one of the five crucial trends in online marketing campaigns for 2016. As a result, numerous businesses are already experiencing the benefits...

Three Ways Video Can Help You Close More Sales Deals

Do you use video to close more sales deals? I mean not just creating a video and thinking that sales are growing. Do you use video so that your sales actually grow and your...