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16 Reasons Your Business Should Hire Freelancers

Have you ever wanted to hire freelancers for your business? Many companies don't quite understand the value that hiring freelancers can bring to their business. Freelancing online is the labor market of the future. If your business wants...
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10 Business Analytics Tools Every Project Manager Should Use

We live in an era where business expansion is happening every day, every hour, and every minute worldwide. In light of this phenomenon, project managers must continually take advantage of new business analytics tools that can...
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5 Crucial Video SEO Tips and Tricks for Better Rankings

It’s predicted that by 2017, 74% of the entire Internet will be video content. Online video is constantly on the rise - generating billions of views every single day on different platforms. It is...

Top 6 Event Videos to Boost Engagement

Events are a great opportunity for customers to be in front of a product that interests them. As we mentioned previously in our event video marketing article, using event videos can often result in multiple benefits...
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Top Reasons Why Videos Are Best for Hotel Marketing

When organizing a trip, the most important part for any traveler, apart from deciding their destination, is figuring out where they will be staying. If you’re an hotelier, it is important that you take...
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7 Tips for Growth Hacking Your Way to the Top of Your Industry

Marketing is one of the most fascinating aspects of business and it is a complicated term to understand, too. Companies invest billions to design and implement the best possible marketing plans to conquer the...
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13 Spooky Event Video Ideas for Halloween 2017

Need event video ideas for Halloween? The upcoming holiday is the perfect opportunity for creative digital marketing and building your audience loyalty. The impact of event videos on your Halloween marketing campaign is anything...
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Maximizing Exposure with Free Video Sharing Sites

Online video is everywhere, and its popularity keeps growing from year to year. It is by far the most popular content type on the Internet. Videos are fun, interactive, engaging and highly profitable for...
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Why Pre-Event Video Marketing Is Crucial to Event Success

Event promotion is one of the most important considerations when planning an event. Pre-event video marketing can create hype around your event long before it takes place. It does not have to feel like...

Autoplay Is Not Going Away – Here’s How to Use It

Just this morning I was reading an interesting blog article at a popular news website, when a completely unrelated video started playing somewhere else on the blog. I scrolled around frantically until I could...