Video Тrends To Look Out For In 2016

To say that watching video online is taking off would be the understatement of the year. The online video industry has been moving at full speed and has reached gigantic proportions. Video trends in 2015 show that, for instance, every minute over 500 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube, which is too big to ignore.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, you need to consider that your customers’ expectations in terms of video content are rising. Nearly any type of business can have a YouTube channel and it can eventually turn into your main form of advertising. Let’s take a look at the increasingly popular video trends for 2015 and 2016:Video Trends In 2016

  • Video advertising

We know video ads aren’t new – YouTube, Facebook and even Twitter have been offering them to customers for a while now. Google’s in-SERP video advertising is definitely going to be a game changer in 2016 though. Just a year ago people were anything but welcoming when coming across YouTube ads. Their incorporation into search results can only mean that acceptance is on the rise.

  • Mobile videos

From 2012 to 2014, mobile video views have increased by 400 percent and by the beginning of 2015, 20% of video views were happening on mobile devices. Apps like Snapchat and Periscope are large contributors to mobile video trends and will only help achieve the expectations that 50% of video views will be happening on mobile devices in 2016. This can only mean that mobile video advertising will also be something for businesses to put more effort in.

  • Live video streaming

The Twich phenomenon proved that live streaming will become one of the most important ways to consume entertainment. With 16 billion minutes watched per month, is only one of the leaders in this video trend – YouTube is the most well-known platform for live stream content integration. Even though currently the service is popular mostly among gamers, or for live sports streaming, it’s safe to say 2016 will witness a rapid expansion in terms of participants and viewers.

  • Video watching behavior is changing

It’s essential to note that videos in 2016 will be very different from what we’re used to. For example, vertical videos are not only accepted now, but it’s possible they’ll be preferred. The reason: we spend about 30% of our time with vertically-held devices, which means a vertical video is starting to look and work better than a horizontal one, which we used to think was “correct”. Furthermore, in 2014 viewers spent 23% of their time watching 30-60 minute-long videos – more than on any other device. The 1-2 minute rule is slowly disappearing, which means companies more than ever need to incorporate storytelling in their ads to serve current video trends.

  • Video on demand

Users have moved away from watching videos at specific broadcast times, and this is why video on demand services are increasingly gaining popularity. Some TV shows are now gaining hundreds of thousands of viewers every week because of this technology, and on demand movies are also quite big. It’s estimated that the VOD market will be worth $61,40 billion by 2019.

  • Virtual reality

Much like augmented reality, virtual reality has been in the works for decades and 2016 is promising to be a big turning stone for the technology. With Oculus/Facebook, HTC/Valve and Sony working on virtual reality headsets, even though they won’t become one of the mainstream video trends, we’ll be witnessing a lot of exciting developments. Google Cardboard will probably seem like a thing of the past very soon!

  • DIY video marketing

Many companies are still torn between keeping video production in house or hiring a professional. However, some are already turning to DIY videos because of the numerous advantages they carry – lower production cost, spontaneity, not to mention being the underdog is still a thing. A lot of people believe they are adding more value this way by making their videos seem authentic and un-staged. Plus, YouTube already created a whole culture where amateur videos are considered appealing and engaging by vast audiences.

Bottom line: we can’t afford to not be up to date with everything happening in the online video world – it’s too exciting! We, in Valoso, love turning your videos into incredible pieces of content – in fact, that’s what our talented video experts live for! Post your video project and we’ll take care of the rest – you’ll have the perfect custom made movie in no time!

Video Trends In 2016