Stop! These 3 Mistakes Are Killing Your YouTube Strategy!

YouTube strategy

You carefully designed your YouTube video promotion strategy but did not get the desired results. What gives? Most likely, your YouTube strategy has fallen victim to mistakes that are known by only the coolest YouTubers. Well, I am not a cool pro, but I did find some cool expert advice to share with you in this article. Check it out!

Mistake #1: Video Promotion Campaign Without a Plan

If you have just created and uploaded your video, do not expect thousands of your potential customers to watch it. Like any other source of traffic, YouTube strategy for businesses requires investment. No one knows about you. Yet. This is normal. Therefore, it is important to promote a channel in the early stages.

YouTube allows you to do that effectively: you can literally buy views on your videos. And only your target audience will watch it. This principle is similar to targeted advertising. But the mistake is that many (even experienced) YouTube experts blindly buy views without any calculations for specific purposes. This is okay if you have an entertainment channel. But the situation is quite different if you want to create video strategy for business.

I advise you to plan and calculate all indicators that relate to your business, your videos and their views on YouTube. A clear plan and promotion strategy are simply necessary to ensure that your video will be successful.

Mistake #2: Rely on Likes and Comments

A large number of parameters affect the distribution and sharability of your videos on YouTube, including likes, comments and, of course, the number of views. The greater activity on the video, the better it is in search delivery systems.

But this is not the main thing. If you are new to YouTube, the following facts may surprise you. Only a small fraction of the traffic comes to you out of the TOP rating. Even if your video is in the TOP 3 on YouTube on the desired request, thousands of new viewers will automatically come to you. Many more people move to your video from the recommended videos located to the right of the video they are currently watching.

youtube strategy for businesses

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It is much harder to get into the recommended section than to the TOP. Imagine that you made a useful video for your target audience. Of course, YouTube has all your competitors. For example, 10 channels may each have similar video content. Say your total number of views per day is 50,000, which is a normal index for a 10-minute video. Even if only 1% get transferred to your video from the recommended section, you’ll get 500 views absolutely free. If the video is  high quality and useful, most of the newcomers will subscribe to your channel. And this can happen on a daily basis.

It’s worth it to note that not only likes, the number of views and comments affect your position in the recommended section. YouTube recommends only useful videos to its viewers. So, when creating a YouTube strategy, you should work on the following indicators:

  • The Depth of View. You can have 1 million views but YouTube will not find your video useful. Why? If the duration of your video is 10 minutes and users watch only 20 seconds, the depth of views is too small. The optimal rate is 50%. This means that viewers must watch at least half of your video.
  • The Dynamics of the Video’s Popularity. Many are surprised by the fact that some videos become viral in a matter of days. They can gain 3-4 million views in a week. Everything is simple! The fact is, the YouTube recommendation algorithm takes into account the dynamics of video growth in popularity. Consequently, if the video gains a lot of views on the first day, the service will automatically recommend it to an appropriate audience.

Important! I am not saying that the number of views, comments, and likes are non-binding factors. Of course, they also affect the position of your videos. Just pay attention to these additional factors when developing a YouTube strategy.

Mistake #3: Bet on What Feels Right to You

This is a common mistake not only among YouTube-marketers, but also among all online entrepreneurs. Forget all that you know about your target audience when creating YouTube content strategy. For example, if you create videos about video editing, you do not need to shoot videos about everything that you know in this world. There is no guarantee that it will be interesting to your audience. The task for your channel is to answer questions from the audience and give valuable advice. But how can you answer without knowing the questions? You must analyze what is interesting to your audience. You can use two methods…

  • Analysis of Competitors. Find popular channels in your niche and analyze their most popular videos. Analyze the ratio of likes to dislikes. If the number of dislikes is 10% or less of the number of positive ratings, the video is considered to be cool. List the most popular and current topics and create high-quality videos. Actively promote them immediately after publication.
  • Analysis via YouTube Search. This is a simplistic method but it still works. Like Google, YouTube offers a logical conclusion of your search query. The service offers the requests that YouTube viewers use most often, simply by typing in your topic and taking note of the auto-fill suggestions. You can shoot videos on such current topics.

youtube strategyThese are the main ways in which you can find at least a cool ideas for your YouTube strategy implementation.

YouTube Strategy Implementation

Video hosts like YouTube allow you to get thousands of new customers cheaply. To do this, you need to think carefully about the YouTube business strategy and follow it. But to achieve guaranteed results, try to avoid the mistakes made by most marketers when creating a video strategy. I have given you a complete solution to three little known problems and now you know how to create a YouTube strategy. It’s time to become a member of Valoso and take action!