Why Should I Add Music To My Video?


You wrote the script, added the special effects, and your operator captured the most exciting moments. It seems like your video is great in all senses. But only one thing has been forgotten. Not all directors, marketers, and operators pay enough attention to the music. Interestingly, producers began to implement it when movies were black and white and silent! Yes, the characters did not speak, but background sound for the amusement of the audience originated a long time ago.

Image Credit: Zudomusic

Over time, music and audio effects have become more important components of every video. So why does sound matter? The answer is simple. Here are four major points that explain the importance of sound effects in movies, commercials, and any other types of video.

Music Sets the Rhythm and Creates the Atmosphere

This is a key role of sound in videos. Even the first melodies, created by primitive peoples nearly 55 thousand years ago, aimed to create a rhythm for rites and rituals, military campaigns and conquests. Those days are gone, and now marketers use sound to capture the viewer’s attention, to affect the mood of the audience, create a sense of anticipation, and so on. This soundtrack from the Lord of the Rings allows us to observe these feelings:

Music Changes Our Perception

Background music for video perfectly underlines all the necessary moments. For example, if the sound makes the viewer feel afraid, then the video contains disturbing or depressing moments. Conversely, if the screen shows something grand and momentous, creators pick epic and inspiring melodies. This includes not only music but also all of the sound effects that accompany the video content. They help the viewer to focus, relax, be sad or laugh. There are many compelling studies that prove the direct influence that sound has on the brain! Consequently, music is some kind of feeling manipulation method.

We Remember Music Long After Watching

We all know examples of using music in advertising campaigns. This also applies to many popular movies. Do you remember the soundtrack from Pirates of the Caribbean? Well-chosen melody tends to remain in the memory after watching. But be careful: poorly chosen audio can not only spoil the video, but can also cause unwanted emotions! Here is a brilliant example to demonstrate that.

Music Evokes Brand Associations

In 1920, FMCG agency used a song in an advert for the first time in history. Even at that time, almost a hundred years ago, brands were able to increase awareness due to the sound only! Music also increases sales: a study from North Carolina State University shows that the right audio in video advertising enhances the viewer’s emotional response and increases their association with the brand. This can be done by causing a positive mood, reinforcing key messages, and ultimately increasing the likelihood of purchase.

As we can see, the importance of music is essential for any type of video. Sound effects are able to dictate the right mood and atmosphere. If you are ready to incorporate the effective use of music into your video marketing strategy, contact the professionals at Valoso today for a free quote by clicking below.music_xl