15 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Video

Small Businesses

Have you ever wondered why some small businesses manage to make a profit regardless of their product’s versatility. Why do some companies manage to always sell all their goods in stock? It’s highly likely that they use video in their marketing campaign. Here are fifteen reasons why your small business needs a video as a shortcut to finding your potential customers.


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1. Attention Spans Getting Shorter

A typical buyer’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter. As we mentioned in our previous attention grab article, the video serves as a key to the audience’s engagement. In order to convince the viewers to stay focused, you have to make the most of the first few seconds.

2. You’re Telling a Story

People love to hear stories. If the name of your small company is involved in a bigger story, it subconsciously enters into one’s mindset and thus leads to understanding exactly how your product serves its customers and how is it used.

3. Understanding the Product

The next logical step towards having videos in your advertisement campaign is to offer a precise explanation of what it is that you’re selling. A simple explainer video does wonders for small businesses in helping viewers get to know a product.

4. Personal Connection with the Customer

Not only does a video tell a story and give an insight into the goods you want to sell, but it also builds a personal connection with the customers. This is especially true when it evokes their emotions. When you get access to their heart and trigger their emotions, you’ll earn their trust, just like Saucony has done with their video:

5. Trust Level Growth for Small Businesses

When your video creates a personal bond with potential clients, a magical moment happens. Your business starts gaining trust among the viewers. As Crewscout states, a video is “the next best thing to meeting every one of your potential customers face to face.”

6. User-Engagement Period Prolongation

Even though consumer attention span is getting shorter, the user-engagement period can get longer if you create quality content. The video can easily catch the spectator’s eye and keep him engaged.

7. Increased Interaction on Social Media

Your business’s videos, if they are engaging, are more than welcome on social media. After you post them on a website like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the interest level of your customers will grow. Thereafter, the probability that they share that same content greatly increases.

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8. Video Ranks Higher

An average Internet user uses search engines every day to get the information he or she needs. Implementing video into your advertising plan will contribute to a stronger online presence.

9. Anyone Can Make a Video

Just as we mentioned in our video marketing tips article, you only need a smartphone to film the material you need. Let your imaginative side run wild and create a fun and quirky video everyone will love.

10. Using Video in Events

Events can gather quite a crowd of people who are interested in your product. Try to decorate your event promotion by showing quality videos during the event itself.

11. Reaching out to Every Age Group

In the 21st century, videos have absolute dominance over text and every age group watches video. That’s the best way to reach out to every audience imaginable.

12. Video Is Easier to Spread Among Your Audience

After you’ve posted your video to social media sites, it usually spreads rapidly and before you know it, it’s shared among a dozen enthusiasts excited about your product.

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13. Connecting with Mobile Users

In the article about mobile video advertising trends, we mention how smartphone traffic will outnumber PC traffic by the year 2020. Therefore, consider including videos well suited to mobile viewing in your marketing campaign. This way, small businesses have more opportunity to prosper.

14. Creating a Brand that People Like

As you develop videos with catchy visuals, they will lead to instant recognition long after your video ends. As a result, people will like your brand as long as you present them with something worth watching.

15. Repurposing Old Video Material

Finally, bits and pieces of old and outdated videos may serve as a breath of fresh air to the newer creations. You can integrate them into your current video or use them as spin-off material or as micro-clips.