8 Easy Steps to Successful Facebook Event Marketing

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Are you ready to rock your Facebook event marketing nvampaign? One of the most impactful tools to promote an event on Facebook is video, which is why it deserves its own section below. If you are looking for Facebook event marketing tips, then stay tuned!

How to Market an Event on Facebook in 2017

1. Optimize your event page.

Keep in mind, an event page is different than a business page on Facebook. You can create event pages through your business on Facebook.

If you haven’t already created a Facebook page for your event, do so. If you already have one, then optimize it. In the case that you’ve already optimized it, optimize it some more.

What exactly does it mean to optimize a Facebook event page? In business context, optimization is defined as “improving the marketing efforts of an organization in an effort to maximize the desired business outcomes.”

In other words, optimizing your event page = improving your event page to maximize attendance. The following steps will transform your event page from a bland ad to a popping occasion.

  • Choose a compelling event featured image.
  • Clarify what your event is and why they should attend.
  • Include all necessary information about your event.
  • Create a concise, powerful event description.
  • Make your event public and allow guests to invite friends.

2. Use words in your event image.

Easily the most pivotal ingredient of your event page is the main picture. Choosing the right image could have a significant impact on your event’s conversion rates on Facebook.

The ideal event picture should be appealing, informative, and unique. If your image is generic and uninformative, you will risk confusing and losing your audience.

Do not choose a default theme from Facebook. Instead, create an info-image on Canva, Design Wizard, or another design service. A featured image with words is highly informative.

While a plain image might seem more visually appealing, a graphic with a simple title or captivating phrase will better grab attention and minimize confusion. Nothing is worse than a Facebook event page where the audience can’t even identify what the event is.

If you want to take it a step further, Facebook even gives you the option to select a video instead of a main image for your event. Creating a visual clip that pops on your event page will certainly make you stand out.

3. Promote your event with video.

Facebook video marketing is a growing trend. Over recent years, popular social network platforms have shifted their focus toward video. Facebook was among the first to make this transition. In 2017 and beyond, Facebook video is a must for your business:

Facebook Video Marketing in 2017: A Must for Your Business

Facebook video is popular and effective. Use it to bolster your Facebook event marketing strategy. Video is estimated to generate 1200% more social shares than every other medium combined.

Uploading native Facebook videos can boost your SEO and streamline your Facebook event marketing. Be sure to include a link to your event page in the description of your video.

In addition to potentially creating a featured video for your page, you can also create an event promo video to share on your business page. An event promo video could include:

  • Highlights video
  • Invitation video
  • Live stream
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Q&A video

If you want more Facebook event marketing ideas, then check out the article below:

34 Event Video Ideas to Rock Your Marketing Campaign

4. Make Facebook your central event platform.

Many hosts use websites like Sign Up Genius, Eventbrite, and others to organize their events. These services definitely have something to add to any event; they even have more features than Facebook has for events.

However, Facebook has something that these platforms don’t have. A #3 global Alexa rank. Plus, Facebook is free. For these reasons, you may want to consider committing to Facebook as your main event organization platform.

The leverage you get from built-in promotion on Facebook as compared to other event networks is invaluable.

Facebook events resonate with users because they are on a familiar site. They can share the event with their friends in an instant, instead of having to think about it on a different platform.

You can certainly still index your event on other websites. This will boost your SEO and strengthen your presence online. However, don’t neglect Facebook event marketing.

5. Connect with interested attendees.

facebook event marketing

Once someone signs up for your event on Facebook, don’t ignore them. Encourage them to follow your business page if they haven’t already.

Many Facebook users sign up for events they do not plan on intending. Instead of letting these potential conversions slip through your fingers, build a connection with them. Make them want to take the effort to attend your event. Make them feel included.

You can also connect with interested guests outside of Facebook. Obtain their email addresses so they can receive further, personalized updates for the upcoming event.

Build an online community of people who have signed up for your event on Facebook. Nourish this community with updates on your event, tips and reveals about what will be at your event, and reminders about why everyone should attend.

The closer you get to your audience, the closer you’ll get to earning new loyal followers.

6. Use paid advertisements on Facebook.

Although free marketing is certainly valuable, investing in some paid promotion for your event on Facebook is worth it.

Facebook advertisements allow you to reach a much wider audience than just your existing followers and their friends.

To order paid ads on Facebook, simply click the options buttonfacebook event marketingin your event and select “Get More Responses.” From there, you’ll get to choose the number, reach, and style of your event ads.

Make sure your ads are appealing to your target audience. If you aren’t getting a lot of responses, try something new. The more creative you branch out, the more you’ll know what will convert your audience.

7. Share your event on other social networks.

Maximize the publicity of your event by sharing your Facebook event page on other social media platforms.

Not every one of your followers follows your brand on Facebook. For some, the only way they will know about and attend your event is if you inform them on another medium.

Post the short link to your event page, as well as your event’s main image, on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. This will give your marketing campaign a boost.

Remember, only focus your marketing strategy on social networks that are relevant to your audience, though. Our other article on social media marketing mistakes to avoid explains this concept more thoroughly:

9 Shocking Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

8. Follow up with event attendees.

You will want to follow up with event attendees for several reasons. First, obtaining their contact information at the event and following up with them afterward gives you the chance to sell your product or service to a willing consumer.

Next, follow ups show your guests that you care, which builds brand loyalty. Loyal followers are one of the most valuable assets in any Facebook marketing strategy.

Finally, you can generate a Facebook-driven poll or questionnaire to obtain real, relevant feedback on your event. What’s more valuable in an event marketing plan than authentic feedback from your target audience on what they liked and what they didn’t?

Whatever your attendees mention in their surveys, be sure to take note and make revisions for next time! Always make your next event better than the last.

Wrap Up

Keep in mind, one of the smartest moves you can make for your event is incorporating video. But, producing and marketing a professional video for your upcoming event can seem like a daunting task.

No need to worry, Valoso is here to handle all of your event video production and event video marketing needs. Simply register on our website or fill out the contact form below to get started with professional video production for your next event!

Have any thoughts on Facebook event marketing? Share in the comment section below! We would love to hear from you.