Video Distribution: How to Maximize Exposure

Video distribution

The video distribution system can be tough for newcomers to wrangle. Online video marketing, video SEO, and YouTube video promotion are all essential, though, if you want to have success. If you’re wondering how to promote YouTube videos or how to promote your YouTube channel, then you’ve come to the right place. In addition to obtaining more YouTube views and subscribers, the guide to video distribution below will show you how to ensure maximum exposure for your video through multiple platforms and social networks. Because that is one of the essentials to creating a successful business: knowing the ropes of video distribution.

1. Optimize the video with SEO.

Recording a documentary for video distribution

Image via Public Domain Images

Before you even begin to figure out how to get YouTube views and how to get YouTube subscribers, you must first prepare your video for a great distribution. Do this by optimizing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so your video is guaranteed to get more exposure than the next guy. Not only will SEO increase YouTube views, but it will also rank you with the other top-notch video creators.

Optimizing your SEO includes adding tags and keywords to your video description. If you leave these blank, your video isn’t as likely to show up as high in the right category. Another important part is the title of your video. Make sure it is relevant and contains your focus keyword(s). You won’t get more YouTube views if your video is about 3D printing and the title doesn’t have the words “3D printing” in it. These optimizations may seem tedious, but they are not pointless. They allow your video to rank higher in search engines because if someone simply types the words “3D printing” in Google, then your video will show up because you chose to utilize those keywords.

2. Add a call-to-action.

Video distribution is enhanced with a call to action

Image by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

How many times have you watched a video and then done nothing about it? Probably all the time. That’s what you want to avoid with your viewers. A call-to-action is anything that incites your viewer to support your video. This may be asking them to comment, like, subscribe, follow, share, etc. Adding a call-to-action is a huge video distribution amplifier because it boosts the likelihood of one viewer sharing your video to hundreds of others. These usually come at the end of the video, but be sure to add them in. Verbally call the viewer to action, add an annotation, and make it easy for him/her to complete that action. Engage him or her during your video so that he/she wants to support it. It won’t help anyone if you produce a mediocre video and ask the viewer to subscribe because he/she simply won’t do it. Instead, produce a stunning, high-quality video that leaves your viewers begging to subscribe. If you have the cinematography skills but lack video editing experience, don’t worry. Valoso is here to help you with that (more information below–keep reading!)

3. Choose the right video distribution channels.

Video distribution via YouTube

Image by YouTube via Wikimedia Commons

Now it’s time to distribute your video. You’ve taken care of all the SEO, so now you have to distribute wisely. Choose the right distribution channels in order to maximize your exposure. For example, don’t only put your video on YouTube when tons of other outlets are waiting to be used.

First and foremost, you must select the right video portals. This includes YouTube (duh) and Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion,, all of which contain millions of new viewers that would have otherwise gotten away. Next, include your video on your website and/or blog. If you’ve already built up even a small audience on either of these platforms, delivering your video to them is a no-brainer. Chances are some or many of them will share the phenomenal video with their friends and family if they are loyal readers. Social media is the last channel. Share your video on all of your social media accounts more than once and get others to share it on theirs. Also, remember that there’s no point in doing any of this if your video is not what your audience wants. Because then the last thing they’ll do is like, share, or subscribe. Use these channels to distribute your video in the right way–the way that will get you more views, more subscribers, and more exposure.

4. Ensure extra promotion.

Video distribution through word of mouth

After you’ve finally distributed your video, the work isn’t over. There are still hundreds of ways you can get more exposure. This includes email marketing. Your audience’s email address is your most valuable asset. Boost your online presence by commenting on other relevant blogs and videos. If you comment on unrelated ones, it’s unlikely that you’ll attract many interested new viewers. You can put your video out there more with ads, as well. Try the AdWords for Video program. If you have the right content, word of mouth can spread your video like wildfire. This is similar to social media: tell everyone you know, tell them to tell everyone they know, and so on. Another super effective video distribution idea is to collaborate with other creators. If you do a “collab” with someone else, many of their subscribers will watch the video and be introduced to your channel. Remember, along with the ideas listed here, there are tons of creative ways to ensure your video gets extra promotion.

Going through this process may seem a bit grueling, but it will pay off. You’ll also learn and experience new things (forums, SEO expertise, social media strategy, etc.) and meet new people (collabs, blogs, etc.). There’s no going wrong with video distribution if you follow the steps listed above. However, what you might be lacking is a professionally edited video. These videos stand out against others and will increase the amount of exposure you get because more people will want to share what they see. Luckily, you do not need to waste your time learning and applying how to create a pro video by yourself. Instead, focus on the video distribution and let the experts at Valoso take care of the editing. At Valoso, you’ll be able to hand over your footage to trained video editors who will transform it into a stunning video or movie that will attract thousands of new viewers.