How to Organize a Networking Event for Any Niche

how to organize a networking event

Learning how to organize a networking event can be tricky without the right tools. You want to make sure your event is spritely and runs smoothly. Without the right preparation tactics, your networking event might turn into a fruitless disaster.

Want to know how to organize a networking event that will revamp your event marketing strategy? Keep reading.

Define Your Purpose

Before learning how to organize a networking event, you must identify why you want to create a networking event. What’s your purpose behind it? Oftentimes, brands set up networking events for the following reasons:

  • Create relationships to move up in your industry.
  • Generate leads and sales with potential customers.
  • Establish brand authority in your niche.

After looking at these main reasons, you should create a short list of the specific goals you plan on accomplishing with your networking event. For example, how will you market your brand at your event? Who will be at your event and how will you interact with them?

Networking events are not the only type of event out there. If networking events won’t suit the purpose of your business, consider hosting a different type of event:

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Secure Real Niche Leaders to Attend

how to organize a networking event

Networking events should provide attendees with a pool of industry-relevant people, ranging from fresh interns to seasoned leaders. If only the former show up to your event, then you are in for a disaster.

Industry leaders may include social media personalities, CEO’s or SBO’s, investors, sponsors, marketing managers, recruiters, and more.

Instead of relying on your event registration page to bring in the niche leaders, contact several of them personally. Find industry leaders on social media, forums, or even news outlets. Contact these individuals before setting up details for your event so you can make sure to work around their schedule.

How to Convince Professionals to Attend

Be sure to offer them something in return for attending your networking event. The experience or opportunities that your event provides is usually not enough since these leaders know they would add value to your event.

Instead, you could also offer them discounts on your services, promotional deals (such as a free guest blog or mention on social media), or free gift cards.

Set Up the Details

how to organize a networking event

After securing your featured attendees, you can proceed to set up the event details. Choose a date, time, and location that works for around their schedule. If you have speakers at your event, be sure to consider their schedule, too.

If you are an international company, set your event in a large city where many of your customers reside. Choose a venue that provides a lot of open space for your guests to network. Your venue all depends on the size of your event and the budget of your business. Make sure it is easy to commute to, as well.

Weekdays are rarely the best time for a networking event. Be sure to plan your event out months or weeks in advance—don’t set a date that is only a week or two away!

After finalizing the who, when, and where of your event, you can set up an event page online. You can promote your event and collect registrations via event platforms like Eventbrite or social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn:

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How to Get People to Attend

After you have finally organized your event, now how will you make a return on your investment? Of course, this all comes down to marketing. With the proper techniques, you can reach your attendance goal for your networking event.

The best way to get people to attend your event is to make it stand out. Oftentimes, customers will ignore upcoming events out of habit. How will you make your event marketing stand out to make your audience register? If you need to spark some ideas, read the article below:

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You could use creative content marketing to get people to even look at your event first. for example, you could create a fun quiz surrounding the theme of your event. Video is typically the most effective way to get people interested. So, consider producing a quick promotional video to generate registrations for your networking event.

At your event, you could set up creative booths that will incentivize people to attend. A VR, AR, or drone booth are popular trends. Be sure to promote your location and any goodies you will offer at your event, such as free discounts, catering, or tech toys.

Often, networking events promote themselves because people are interested in boosting their status in the industry. Make sure to promote the innate value of your networking event.

Takeaway: How to Organize a Networking Event

how to organize a networking event

Knowing how to organize a networking event can be the turning point for your business. Networking events are essential to build your repertoire in the industry and to meet with your customers face-to-face.

However, most brands are too busy to organize the perfect event by themselves. If you face this problem, consider hiring Valoso to take care of your event marketing and video production needs. Our team knows how to organize a networking event for your professional business. Simply fill out the contact form below to get in touch with us!