10 Tips to Save Money on Event Video Production

save money event video production

Event video production can be an expensive undertaking. Everything from the cameras to the video editing, though necessary to make the final product, can rack up a bill. Instead of worrying about the impact of your event video production, take a look at the money-saving tips below to make the most out of your promo event video campaign.

1. Don’t film everything.

If you are hosting a day-long event, you do not need to hire videographers to work all day. Create the vision of your event in your mind, then map out what should be filmed and where. For example, key activities or experiences in your event should be filmed.

Even if these moments occur sporadically throughout your event, you can still hire a videographer to come at only certain times and film for a specified number of minutes. Instead of filming the entire event, filming only the highlights saves you money.

2. Hire professional help.

Hiring additional staff might seem like it will put a dent into your budget, but it may actually do the opposite. If you are trying to make DIY event videos with your smart phone, the quality of the final product may be subpar.

If you get your videos professionally shot, the ROI of professional video is worth it. You will also save time for yourself, which you can now spend on doing things you specialize in instead of on trying to create an event video for the first time. This article explains the impact of prioritizing quality:

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3. Use audience videos.

Ask your event attendees to record their experiences or share their selfies to your brand online. Compile your collections into an authentic, “fan-made” event promo video. Snapchat is a great way to collect fans’ videos of your event.

This type of video tends to be poorer quality, since most audience members will use their smartphones to record video. However, viewers will expect and condone the lack of quality.

4. Compare freelancers vs. corporate services.

Video production companies often provide a more secure investment than do freelancers. However, freelancers can also give you the same (or perhaps higher) quality of work for a better price. Every freelancer and every company is different, though, so shop around.

Consider the pros and cons of each service structure and determine what suits your needs best. If the decision is too tough to make, Valoso meets in the middle, offering the perks of both freelancers and corporate video production. Learn more about video editing and videography pricing below:

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5. Make shorter videos.

Shorter videos means less footage, but it also means more views (increased ROI!). Statistics show that shorter videos generate more engagement. Try keeping your event videos under three minutes long.

These shorter videos grab your audience’s attention and reel them into hearing your message. Shorter videos are both beneficial and cost-effective; they are definitely one of the better ways to save money on event video production.


6. Plan in advance.

You are not very likely to get a good rate on a professional video if you ask for it a few days in advance. Instead, map out your event video production plan weeks, even months, ahead of time.

If you have the chance, create a Plan B in case your event videographers fall through. According to the project management triangle, planning for event video production in the interest of time can save your costs and improve your quality:

Where to Source Event Videography for Any Occasion

7. Minimize animation and graphics.

Adding animation and graphics to your video only increases to costs of event video production. Try to create a more lively video by focusing on the raw footage instead of focusing only on flashy graphics.

Graphics can be necessary to brand your video. For example, you can include your company logo in the outro or as a watermark throughout your video. However, you do not need to go beyond basic graphics and animation to create a hit event promo video.

8. Find event video production deals.

event video production

That’s right—couponing comes into play here. Instead of comparing the first two or three video production services you find on Google, shop around for the best event video deals. Many videographers specialize only in corporate events.

Ask businesses up front if they offer any specials for event videos. If you plan on creating more event videos in the future, then ask if you can buy a video production contract or package at a discounted price.

9. Weigh your marketing budget.

Event video production comes out of your marketing budget. Not every business focuses on event promotion. However, if this is the route your company is choosing, then be sure to allot the proper budget to promote your events.

Businesses who are just starting with event marketing may not be familiar with how to budget for it. The article below can help you to create an event budget while staying on track with your overall marketing vision:

How to Create an Event Budget Without Getting Stressed

10. Delegate tasks to your employees.

Delegation is always an efficient way to save time and money. Whether or not your employees have experience with video production, you can always hand off certain tasks to them to complete the job quicker.

For example, you could elect one of your team members to find the best rates on videography. Or, one employee could create a script or outline for the event promo video. If your employees do not feel qualified to handle certain tasks, offer them simpler tasks and opt to hire specialists to get the job done right.


These event marketing tips should help you take your event marketing strategy to the next level. Always search for inventive ways to cut back costs and increase efficiency within your business. This will lead to greater success and, most often, higher quality work.

If you need help with any step in the event production process, contact Valoso. Not only do we provide excellent video production services, but our event marketers can also make your upcoming event a smash, guaranteed.

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