How to become a successful freelance video editor: Guide for Beginners

Video editing is a very exciting and interesting profession, especially if you’re a freelancer. You get to work with clients from all over the world, and basically - sky’s the limit for job opportunities...
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The Quick and Powerful Guide to Editing Travel Videos

You've planned your trip, secured your gear, generated a shot list, and sketched out the story you want to tell. Now you're back home with a head full of memories, and a pocket full...
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Top 5 Video Marketing Ideas to Celebrate the 4th of July

Clever marketers always plan carefully how to make the most of holiday enthusiasm. A popular holiday like Independence Day can certainly offer businesses a chance to drive in more customers. Plentiful and diverse video marketing...
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Video Marketing Tips to Increase Sales & Online Presence

Marketing has made its presence known on the Internet, is becoming the prominent way to deliver the best advertising results. As businesses strive to find marketing products that match their needs, they may find it challenging...
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Landing Page Videos: The Hottest Trend in 2016

According to video branding experts Hyperfine Media, the use of landing page videos is one of the five crucial trends in online marketing campaigns for 2016. As a result, numerous businesses are already experiencing the benefits...
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Attention Grab: How To Make Your Video Get Noticed

Do you remember the good old days when we had only a dial-up connection and sometimes it took several minutes just to load a website? After a few short decades of progressively quickening Internet...
Top Professional Video Editing Tips for Video Editors - Part 2

Top Professional Video Editing Tips for Video Editors – Part 2

Top Professional Video Editing Tips for Video Editors - Part 2 Following our previous blog post, we present to you the part 2 of our top professional video editing tips for video editors series.  In this...
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How to Choose the Right Freelance Video Editor

Generally speaking, the quality of your video depends on the amount of money that you invest in it. However, this interrelation is not always direct. You can get a very diverse outcome for the...

How YouTube Changed Politics Forever

If the past nine years have given us something undeniable, it is the transition of politics into the realm of the Internet. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Snapchat were key players in...
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5 Online Video Editing Courses to Become a Pro

We've all wanted to take the best online video editing courses to enhance our skills, haven't we? Even if you've never thought about taking filmmaking courses or Final Cut Pro training, these are still...