Valoso’s Step-By-Step Guide to Making a Music Video

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You can spend millions of dollars on a music video and not succeed. Unless you are Kanye West or Lady Gaga, your budget probably isn’t too big. No need to despair. You can explore a variety of ways to create an excellent video regardless of financial limits.

Valoso is glad to present you our step-by-step guide to making a brilliant music video. By reading this guide, you will learn the following and more:

  • How to make a music video with your phone
  • How to edit your music video
  • How to make a music video go viral
  • How to create a music video on a budget

Let’s get started!

8 Steps to Create the Perfect Music Video

1. Come up with the idea

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The idea is what makes a music video popular (or not popular). A good idea can always bring success if properly implemented. You probably already know the song for which you want to make a video. Put your headphones on and listen to it once again.

Does your song cause an emotional response? What connections do you make? How memorable are the lyrics or melody? Start from here, and do not limit your imagination!

Decide what exactly you want to shoot. A love story, thriller, abstraction, poetic landscapes or comedy? Discuss all possible ideas with your colleagues. Listen to their opinions and advice. Complex video production can be difficult to accomplish as a beginner, so you may want to keep your visions simple yet powerful.

2. Assemble the team

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Once you have come up with the concept for your music video, consider the skills you will need to implement it. Where do you plan to obtain your videography, music video editing software, and hair and make-up artists? You can certainly DIY these tasks. But if you intend on creating a professional video, you will want to hire out skilled freelancers.

Beyond video production, who will assist with directing, cutting, and managing the project? Again, DIY is a budget-friendly option, but you may have better results by hiring freelance producers or asking experienced collaborators for help.

A smart, talented organizer can make all the difference to bring your music video ideas to fruition without breaking the budget. An event organizer can help tackle your video production.

3. Set your budget

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Even the cheapest and simplest idea needs budget planning. Budget for the following:

  • Labor
  • Equipment
  • Promotion

You will only need to pay for labor if you are set on hiring skilled professionals to create your music video. Videographers and video editors will use their own equipment and software. So, the only other thing you would need to spend money on is props, location, and transportation.

Furthermore, if you want your music video to be profitable, invest part of your budget in marketing. The effects of digital marketing will pay off. When planning you budget, decide what you will buy, rent, or borrow (including labor costs).

4. Search for locations

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Every music video needs a suitable location. This may be a production studio or a specific location (amusement park, forest, city, neighborhood, beach, landmark, mall, etc.).

Wherever you decide, check if you need a permit to record video at your chosen destination. Many public areas do not allow free footage capture. You may invest in a permit to get the perfect shots or consider another location.

  • Free access: natural areas (fields, forests, cliffs, etc.), streets, home
  • Permit required: parks, buildings, public areas, commercial beaches

5. Create a storyboard and shot list

A music video storyboard, shot list, and scene breakdown are all pretty similar. Each one can help you effectively and efficiently carry out your vision. The differences between each functional component are so minute, we will not go into them.

A storyboard, shot list, or scene breakdown is essentially a visual script for your music video. The main idea is to compile and organize the scenes of your production. Then, write out the details for each scene (location, props, actors, music, script, etc.).

Discuss and draw each frame of your video. Consider how each scene will be carried out and how they fit into your budget. Furthermore, this “visual script” minimizes the chance for confusion between you and your production team.

6. Start the shooting

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Shooting day is essential. You must have the ability to discern whether or not your cuts will deliver the vision for your music video. Shooting all your footage in one day saves a lot of expense, especially if you are hiring laborers or renting equipment.

Audio is typically added in during editing. However, you may want to play the music for each scene audibly on speakers during production to keep each scene in line. Check the lights and camera settings. Watch out for the angles that the cameraman sets and scrutinize the acting.

7. Remember to edit your video

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The shooting is finished, now it’s the editing phase. You can edit the video yourself, or you can contact a professional video editor to save your time and achieve the best results. Either way, editing is a crucial part of the production process that should not be skipped.

After filming, review all the raw footage and think about how you can improve it with video editing: what effects to apply, what to accelerate, add, cut and so on. You may even consider editing your music to synergize with the visuals.

8. Implement music video promotion

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If your video has a outstanding idea, excellent shooting, and quality editing, it has the potential to become popular. However, this is only achievable with proper marketing. If you already have a large following on social media or another platform, promote your video to them.

If not, you may want to invest in paid marketing. Create ads to grow anticipation for your music video. At the end and/or beginning of your video, include a call-to-action for your viewers to share the video with their friends.

Before uploading a video on YouTube, be sure to configure SEO. Proper branding is also beneficial if you intend on making more videos.

Music videos are best shared through word-of-mouth and digital marketing efforts. Distribute your video on social media, forums, YouTube comments, blogs, and other miscellaneous platforms.

If your video does not gain acceleration, you may not be reaching the right audience. Or, one aspect of your video production may be unsatisfactory (cliché concept, poor audio quality, video is too long, etc.).

Remember to check for copyright permissions before publishing your music video. Otherwise, you cannot monetize it.

Wrap Up

Now you have the knowledge to create the perfect music video for your song. You know how to make your own successful video at home or anywhere else. You can start shooting.

Remember, the most valuable aspect in your future video is the idea—come up with a creative, unforgettable concept. Brainstorm music video ideas, boldly discard what you doubt, and work with those you trust.

As you can imagine, professional video production is the cornerstone of the memorable music video. Valoso offers a team of skilled videographers and video editors who are waiting to work with you.

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