Landing Page Videos: The Hottest Trend in 2016

landing page videos

According to video branding experts Hyperfine Media, the use of landing page videos is one of the five crucial trends in online marketing campaigns for 2016. As a result, numerous businesses are already experiencing the benefits of using video on landing pages. Read on to discover more about this key strategy in influencing your brand’s recognition.

What Should it Look Like?

It’s quicker and more entertaining for people to click and watch instead of reading a text, so a landing page video is best when short – about 1-2 minutes. Its main goal is to quickly tell what your product or service has to offer. Therefore, it is important to use engaging narrative and graphics. One example would be this Google Drive landing page video:

Significance of Video Content on Landing Pages

82% of marketers state that using video has had a positive effect on their business. This outcome owes its success to the 88% of visitors who will stick around longer on a site with video because of engaging video content. And then there’s the trust factor. If you feature some of the employees in your videos, then it can help to build an emotional bond with the viewers.

Benefits of Video Content on Landing Pages

Aside from trust augmentation, landing page videos can deliver enormous advantages, including:

  1. Conversion rate optimization amplification. If your audience stays longer on your site (if you use a unique landing page), you will have more time to help persuade potential customers to take action, which can result in getting your conversion rates to boost up to 80%.
  2. Search engine optimization is improved. SEO benefits from videos on landing pages. When properly optimized on YouTube, it is 52 times more likely for the video to appear on the first pages of a Google search.
  3. A great deal of information can be given. Video content multi faceted and condensed information in a brief period of time.
  4. Memories are made in the consumer’s mind. If the experiences you are giving the viewers with your videos are worthy of their time, they won’t forget it easily.
  5. The application of your product in real life can be shown. Plain pictures or text cannot achieve that degree of influence, simply because visual video learning in humans is far more efficient than seeing one picture or reading a piece of information.

Landing Page Video Production

Landing Page Video Production Tips

When you decide your business is ready to reap the benefits of a landing page video, use these best practices in your creation process:

  1. Add a call-to-action to the video. A call-to-action or CTA is an invite to the audience meant to provoke instant action. It can be as clear as, “Start your free trial at the bottom of the page“ or “Get your free instructions book here.” To make sure it isn’t overdone, you can instead try to engage them with just one piece of content.
  2. Use noticeable visuals. Eye-catching elements help to keep your viewers engaged. For example, these can range from bright colors in the landing page video background, to animated characters of your design.
  3. Present the value of the product. Present the actual value of what you have to offer your customers, what benefits will they receive?
  4. Keep it short and current. The video should be 2 minutes in length or less, keeping the focus on relaying the kind of imprint your product has in the world.
  5. Track viewer activity. Have an email campaign or help them learn more and become more interested. This way they’ll become your next customers.
  6. Make it worth watching. One of the most constructive landing page video tips is to make a high quality video. For professional videographer and video editing services, contact Valoso, a video production company ready to answer your needs.

Examples of Landing Page Videos

If you create a video landing page, it can certainly boost the clicks to your website. It will even improve your SEO. Be sure to follow our steps and research great campaigns for landing pages. Some samples of impressive landing pages using videos are shown below.

Stratos Card

Peek Calendar

Sample Luxury Hotel Video Landing Page

Including landing page videos in your businesses marketing strategy can help your business land more views and a higher level of engagement. Isn’t it time to create your own landing page video today?