Time Lapses

Time Lapses: Capturing Life's Greatest Moments

Time Lapses: Capturing Life's Greatest Moments Time lapses are the best way to remember old memories and create new ones. Want to perfectly recollect your pregnancy, child’s (or pet’s) growth, or any other change over time? Why waste...
Live Stream Marketing Strategies

Innovative Live Stream Marketing Strategies

Could live stream marketing be the future of social media? With the recent launch of Facebook Live, which allows users to stream live video via Facebook and instantly access all followers, it looks like...
video camera

11 Video Camera Hacks to Magnify Your Video Quality

Every good cameraman wants professional video quality. Video camera quality is essential to creating successful videos. In fact, 62% of viewers build a negative perception of brands that produce poor-quality videos. No matter your level of expertise with video...
video editor

How to Choose the Right Freelance Video Editor

Generally speaking, the quality of your video depends on the amount of money that you invest in it. However, this interrelation is not always direct. You can get a very diverse outcome for the...
video marketing tips

Video Marketing Tips to Increase Sales & Online Presence

Marketing has made its presence known on the Internet, is becoming the prominent way to deliver the best advertising results. As businesses strive to find marketing products that match their needs, they may find it challenging...
10 Best Video Editing Tool for Video Editors this 2015 - Part 1

10 Best Video Editing Tools For Video Editors in 2015 – Part 1

10 Best Video Editing Tool For Video Editors This 2015 - Part 1 In our contemporary world, gone are the days where we needed to have expensive technical equipment in order to create a professional and...
editing travel videos

The Quick and Powerful Guide to Editing Travel Videos

You've planned your trip, secured your gear, generated a shot list, and sketched out the story you want to tell. Now you're back home with a head full of memories, and a pocket full...
8 Great Reasons Why You Should Hire a Freelance Video Editor

8 Great Reasons Why You Should Hire a Freelance Video Editor

As a startup or small business owner who wanted to get promotion as much as possible, spending a hefty amount on hiring a video editor from dedicated video editing and production companies might hurt...
video attention grab

Attention Grab: How To Make Your Video Get Noticed

Do you remember the good old days when we had only a dial-up connection and sometimes it took several minutes just to load a website? After a few short decades of progressively quickening Internet...
video and audio quality

How Video and Audio Quality Translates into More Conversions for You

You have heard it before: video and audio quality can make or break your video content. But what is the reasoning behind this conclusion? In this day and age, every business, no matter how tight their...