4 Reasons Why Your Video Strategy Isn’t Working

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Online video is huge these days, and with that, video marketing is doing wonders for companies like never before. But still, there are many businesses out there that struggle to run successful campaigns and reach their goals. If you’re not getting the desired conversion rate, or your video isn’t attracting as much viewers as it should, it’s clear that something needs to change. You need to revise your video strategy, identify the issues and improve your marketing activities. To help you with that, here are 4 reasons why your video strategy isn’t working, and some common video marketing mistakes that people tend to make.

4 Reasons Why Your Video Strategy Isn’t Working

You’re Not Following Up on Trends

The online video world is constantly changing and introducing new possibilities. This makes it important that you stay informed about the latest news, reports and studies. For example, did you know that this year, around 50% of the total video views will be via mobile devices? Maybe it’s time to start thinking about mobile advertising. Other interesting fact, is that customers who see a product video are 1.81 times more likely to make a purchase than the ones who don’t. Are you aware of how explainer videos impact your conversion rate? Survey shows that 85% of shoppers are more likely to buy a product once they see an explainer video. These are great starting points if you’re trying to increase your sales.

Knowing all these things can lead you on the right track to produce a better video, advertise on a more suitable platform and even completely reshape your marketing activities.

You’re Not Focusing On the Right Audience

Billions of people go to upload and watch videos on places like Facebook and YouTube. Because the online video market is insanely big, you can’t reach out to every single person out there. You need to focus on advertising your brand, product or service to a specific target group that’s interested in what you have to offer. If you don’t have the proper information to target your audience, your campaign will suffer. Why? Because you’ll be targeting a general market, instead of a well-researched and specific group of people.

You’re Not Publishing Native Videos

You can’t upload your video to a single platform and expect it to work flawlessly in every other place in the Internet. But you also can’t create a dedicated video for each video platform out there – unless you have a big production team and lots of viewers. What you need, is to carefully analyze the differences between various platforms, their functionality, advertising capabilities and user experience. Then, decide which video platforms fit your needs the best and go native on them.

For example, if you want to primarily focus your video marketing on Facebook, you should upload the video directly to the social network – instead of sharing it from YouTube. Why you ask? Because for one, Facebook won’t auto-play shared videos from other platforms. And we know how important role the “auto-play” feature plays for Facebook’s 8 billion daily video views.

You’re Not Optimizing Your Videos

You can invest a lot of money into producing the perfect video that clearly describes your product, but you still need to go a step further and work on SEO. If you haven’t optimized your video for a specific keyword, you’re losing a very important portion of organic traffic that can be crucial to your campaign’s success. If you’re getting low traffic and rankings, you definitely need to invest efforts in your SEO. Start with YouTube – the second-biggest search engine in the world. Make the video SEO-friendly by optimizing your title, thumbnail and description. Fill in the category and sub-category for your video and add external links to your website from the description box. Read on how you can increase your video’s organic outreach and work on improving your YouTube channel. This will be highly beneficial for you, especially when Google fully incorporates YouTube video ads as part of the search – which is now closer than ever.

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Image credit: Joe (via Flickr)