10 Proven Tactics for Creating Instagram Video Advertising

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Have you gotten complacent with the new system of Instagram feed? Do you believe that most potential customers do not even see your posts and know nothing about you? If so, something is wrong with your Instagram advertising strategy. Find out how to use Instagram advertising to reach out to your audience and make your brand stand out among the rest.

75% of users look for goods or services on Instagram first

…and only after that do they browse websites, go to search engines or consult with friends. Everybody knows that simply placing ads in such a popular social network does not guarantee success. You need to “go beyond,” come up with something that will distinguish you from your competitors and lead potential buyers.

Use these 10 proven tactics to make your Instagram video advertising more tempting and clickable.

1. Answer These Three Questions

Before creating an idea for video advertising on Instagram, make sure that it will be effectual. How can you check Instagram advertising effectiveness? Ask yourself:

  • Are my customers on Instagram? How does Instagram advertising works for them?
  • The majority of users are under the age of 35 (70%), and mostly women.
  • Are potential buyers interested in your topic/niche/product on Instagram?

Before starting an ad campaign using Instagram for business, search for the main accounts and tags in your niche and see how active the users are there. You can also use the list of popular themes on Instagram from Facebook:

  • Fashion and beauty
  • Cinematography
  • Enthusiasm
  • Music

You need to post shots and videos about your business and also make advertisements and regular posts in a unified style. Think about who will be engaged in the production of your media content: existing employees, freelancers, or a new in-house specialist.

2. Choose Instagram Advertising Formats


Photo content is ideal for the first launch of advertising. Use images if you want to strengthen the presence of your brand, attract your audience, get transitions to the site and test your niche without significant Instagram advertising costs.


Video instantly attracts the attention of users because it stands out from the general photo content on Instagram. If you post a video together with a call-to-action button, the advert brings in twice as many sales as when using images only!

Take not of Instagram’s advertising requirements for video content:

  • Maximum size is 4 GB
  • Aspect ratio: for a square video – 1:1
  • For landscape orientation – 4:5


One of the most significant Instagram advertising benefits lies in the fact that you not only can attach one image to another, but you can tell the whole story, solidifying your brand and creating an emotional bond. Show your experience using a product or service. Build communication between images and videos, create a story and make an ad more engaging.

3. Think of a Catchy Description

  1. Write a Few Drafts at the Beginning

Do not hurry. Instead, write a few options, think, and confer with colleagues.

  1. Think about Every Phrase

When examining a feed, the user sees only three lines of your ad. The rest of the text hides behind the ellipsis. Try to make the first words involving, intriguing, catchy so you can instantly attract the attention of visitors. Follow these steps below:

  • Make short, concise offers.
  • Say something unusual, unexpected, shocking or even strange.
  • Adress your audience as “you” several times, emphasizing that you wrote the text thinking about your visitor.
  • Try to follow the reaction of readers and adjust your texts.

instagram advertising

  1. Add a CTA

Use active verbs to encourage people to act, and not just passively scroll the feed. For example

  • Find out more
  • Buy now
  • Contact us
  • Download now
  • Sign in now
  • Follow the link
  1. Use Emoji’s

There work best at the beginning of the post to attract people’s attention. Remember: different users can have a different set of emotions, so make sure your emoji complements your text.

  1. Strengthen the Text Using the Emotions that Sell

Tell about the benefits of working with you. Talk about how much money can be earned or the strength, time and money that can be saved. Describe what emotions and results your customers receive.

  1. Add Uniqueness

It is challenging to stand out among others without copying and using others’ hashtags. But if you want to be recognized, create your own unique hashtags to link ads to your brand.

4. Learn From the Best

Find popular accounts in your niche and subscribe to them. You will always be aware of what is interesting to your potential customers, and you will be able to study their reaction to various posts.

Looking closely at direct and indirect competitors is a good way to understand the client. Pay attention to:

  • How they communicate with their audience
  • What posts and when they publish
  • How they respond to comments
  • How they deal with objections

You will see more targeted advertising in your own feed. Choose the most interesting and popular ads and use them for the further inspiration.

5. Target Your Audience

Study your client and give them exactly the ad that he/she clicks on. With the help of the Facebook targeting system, you can set up a similar audience. Download a list of existing customers, and based on it, Facebook will find people with similar interests, demographics, and behavior. Thus, you will attract new customers and subscribers.

6. Promote Your Best Content

How do you usually prepare an advertising post? Possibly you have a template with the video, its style and the call to action.

But there is a minor problem. Users are already so accustomed to advertising that they feel it instantly and flip through. So if you want the ad to be studied, make it look like an organic issue.

Great example:

Learn the TOP posts in your account and build on them to create effective Instagram ads. Also, before running the ad, post similar entries to increase the impact of advertising, especially among your subscribers.

7. Add Real Emotions

People enjoy images of other people 38% more than other types of content

When you look at a face with a certain emotion, it pops up in your memory, and the advert becomes more understandable, involving and memorable.

Follow these few Instagram advertising tips to add emotions to your videos:

  • Use gestures
  • Ask a person to think about something or do something. So you’ll set it up for the right emotion and you can transfer it to the photo or video.

As a rule, gradual photos and videos always have strained emotions. Take photos and shoot videos without warning, and you’ll see how your images come to life.

8. Encourage People

66% of Instagram users say they use this social network to be inspired in their daily lives

That’s why the accounts of travelers, famous businessmen, etc. are so popular. Use this for your ads. Find out what your users are looking for and show them that.

9. Stick to a Single Style

Make your advertising posts and your website match in a similar style. Further, remember these criteria that the selling page should match in this case:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Easy and fast loading
  • Several compelling and specific CTAs
  • A mild and clear description of all the benefits
  • Offer on the page of what you promised in advertising

If your goal is to attract new subscribers – shoot a video in the same style as the other videos in your account.

10. Tell the Story of Your Client

Who are your clients? Where do they spend their time? What are they doing? This is a great opportunity to show the audience that you understand them and get closer. Use videos of your customers that show their experience of interacting with a product or service.

77% of visitors claim that customer videos affect their decision to purchase more than professional videos from stores

When your client reads the text and watches videos, there is an imitation of personal communication. Advertising with video reviews gets 4 times more clicks and costs 2 times less than a standard ad.

Many buyers do not know how to write a good and convincing review because of inexperience. Ask them key questions that will help to open your brand:

  • What doubts did you have before buying?
  • What feature did you like most about the product?
  • Name 3 more advantages of this product
  • Would you recommend this product to others? And why?

Remember the specifics. The best tip is one in which there is evidence of tangible results or changes. Try to get the customer specific data in figures and the actions that he/she did to achieve this. To increase the credibility of your advertising, specify the page of the user who left the feedback.

Sum Up

Creating a cool Instagram advertising campaign may take a little time to master. It’s okay. The main thing is to continue to try and learn from your mistakes. Instagram advertising opportunities are extremely abundant and if you do not see results or they do not suit you, change tactics. Try correcting your audience, changing your budget or posting ads at other times of the day.

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