How Much Should I Charge As A Wedding Videographer

How Much Should I Charge As A Wedding Videographer

We all dream of falling in love. We all dream of having that special someone whom we can spend the rest of our lives with. We all dream to have that memorable wedding as an affirmation of our undying love. We all wanted to capture and record this important event in our lives and show it to the next generation. Who else can we ask for help to document this extraordinary moment but the wedding videographer?

Yes, you heard it right. As a freelance video editor, sometimes you will encounter committing projects and works for wedding shoots. As a wedding videographer, it is your responsibility to capture those romantic scenes and heart-fluttering moments to keep the flame of love burning throughout the video.

So before you start committing to a wedding project, it is important for you to determine how much wedding videography rates you should charge. How much should I charge as a wedding videographer? In this blog post, we will guide you about determining your wedding videography rates.

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Typical Costs
The typical costs for wedding videography prices range from $800-$7000 (depending on your region). A huge gap, indeed. But the wedding video prices will vary depending on the package and coverage your client needs.

The basic package includes single-camera coverage with a length of 60-90 minutes, the appropriate lighting, video editing, and music are also included.

For enhanced or premium package, the wedding videographer cost ranges from $1000-$1900. It includes, at least, two cameras for the ceremony and reception from one to three hours.

The camera lighting, three video copies of DVD with custom music, titles, on-screen menus, photo shoots and video shoots from preparation, decoration up to the wedding ceremony are all covered in the premium package.

For an extravagant and majestic wedding, the wedding videography rates range from $3,000-$6000, with unlimited time coverage. From the rehearsal, preparation, decoration, up to the wedding ceremony and reception, everything will be covered. You can also add interviews from parents, siblings, and relatives as part of your documentary.

In a survey conducted by Smartshoot, it shows the average cost of wedding videographer depending on the scope and coverage of the project.

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Wedding Videographer Prices Via Drones
If your client wants to have a dramatic aerial video shots for their wedding, then you need to consider the extra costs of renting drones. Depending on the type of drones, it usually costs from $200-$1500. But before you actually commit in aerial video shots, you need to consider the following in renting drones:

1. Federal Aviation Administration Approval
You need to double check the drone regulations about the wedding venue of your client. Make sure that the FAA approves the usage of non-commercial drones

2. Clear Any Technical Issues
Drones can be very noisy and may interfere with the music and scenes in your wedding video. In the worst-case-scenario, it can cause harm to you and your client when driven by an inexperienced pilot. Make sure that the pilot is credible to drive the drones and has configured the right settings.

Video Editing at Valoso
The production costs for wedding videography seems pretty expensive if you are up to hire a dedicated one. At Valoso, you can find cheaper and more affordable rates without diminishing the quality of your video.

You can specify your requirements and upload the video clips your wedding videographer documented and have it edited with our best video editors. It will save you a lot of time and money in capturing the best memory of your life.

At Valoso, our highest goal is to capture and value your special moments such as your wonderful and one-of-a-kind dream wedding.