8 Great Reasons Why You Should Hire a Freelance Video Editor

8 Great Reasons Why You Should Hire a Freelance Video Editor

As a startup or small business owner who wanted to get promotion as much as possible, spending a hefty amount on hiring a video editor from dedicated video editing and production companies might hurt your pocket. Paying for their services are generally costly.

Furthermore, you need to, at least, subscribe to their services for a minimum of 3-6 months, or sometimes even a year. This could be a hurdle if you only need to hire video editors for a small budget and a limited period of time.

How do you cope up from this? Will you still be able to get a video made professionally within the constraints of your budget? The answer to that is by hiring a freelance video editor!

Here are the 8 great reasons on why your should consider hiring a video editor.

1. They Are Cost-Effective

Freelancers are more cost-effective because they often work in a home office and most of your business will be done virtually. You are mostly investing your money to pay for their services provided and the overhead expenses are generally low.

cost effective

Aside from that, the competition among the freelance videographers exists so they are most likely to lower their bids in order to gain competitive advantage. This gives you a freedom to choose the qualified video editor according to your budget.

2. Wide choice of video editors/Global Market

global market

Because freelance jobs are done virtually, you are now able to receive bids from video editors around the globe. This gives you a wider option to choose the best video editor qualified to do your project and you’re most comfortable to work with. Unlike in a traditional video, companies where you can only select from limited video editors.

3. They’re experts at what they do

The freelance video editors have vast experience from working in different fields and industries. Their experience from doing different videography and video editing jobs from various freelance jobs improves their flexibility and skills.

4. They can do it faster than you

One main advantage of going freelance is that you are able to specify your budget, video requirements and timeframe. Since you’ve set a deadline for your job, your video editors will make sure to work and submit their output within your specified time frame (and oftentimes they submit it way before the deadline!) this will give the both of you enough time to review the video and make any necessary editing or adjustments.

5. They are flexible

Since your business is done virtually, you can contact your video editor at any time of the day. If you have some important details you need to discuss with your video editor, you can just contact them on Skype or other video webcam applications. Unlike the dedicated video companies where you needed to wait the next morning, or for their official business hours to start.

6. More Innovative


Since most freelance videographers and editors have experienced in working with different freelance jobs, they are more innovative and up-to-date than the traditional companies. They are equipped with the knowledge about the latest trends of video editing and production.

7. Freedom

Of course, since you’re the boss, you call all the shots. You don’t need to put up with companies and abide by their policies. You’re the head of your business, so it only seemed fit that you have the freedom to state your budget, your time frame, your video specifications, and most of all, choose the best editor you want to do your project.

8. Scalability

The great thing about freelancing is that you’re able to scale your team based on your project requirement. You may be able to hire only one video editor at first, but as your business grows you are able to hire more freelancers to be part of your team.

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