Attention Grab: How To Make Your Video Get Noticed

video attention grab

Do you remember the good old days when we had only a dial-up connection and sometimes it took several minutes just to load a website? After a few short decades of progressively quickening Internet connections, the average human attention span has been altered. As connections became faster, so did our brain in adapting to these quick spurts of information. As a result, video attention span has gotten shorter. In the world of Internet marketing, attention grab is now crucial to drawing in customers and keeping them engaged.


What Happened To Your Customer’s Attention Span?

Statistic Brain’s report clearly shows that the average attention span nearly halved since the year 2000. These findings set the stage for a new and urgent challenge for business owners in their marketing strategy:  in order to market their products successfully, they must enter the customer’s mindset, and quickly.

How Does Attention Grab Work?

Real marketing solutions entail attention-grabbing advertising. It starts with planning ahead. Be specific in what you want your message to say and know your targeted audience’s needs.

It is recommended that an average YouTube ad video length be less than 3 minutes long. Since YouTube allows you to skip most ads only after viewing the first 5 seconds, you have those 5 seconds to convince the viewers to focus. When they do, half the battle is won, so making the most of those first few seconds is a sound strategy.

How Do the Media Attract Viewers?

They get straight to the point. They are quick, extravagant and efficient. They might boost their story with shocking, fancy or otherwise extraordinary elements. Use animation to be more engaging with the audience. Vibrant, colorful scenes and endless possibilities in design offer a multitude of personal touches available to businesses in creating their video advertisement.

Videos that are fun and quirky from the start, like this Red Camel Solutions’ animated promotional video, will help you with that all important attention grab.

Tips for Attracting Viewers to Your YouTube Channel

Make it personal. You can accomplish attention grab when your customers feel a certain bond to what you have to present. Coca-Cola personalized their ad campaign recently by putting common names on their soda bottles. Another way would be to send out individualized emails. Creating a personal connection with the audience can help attract more viewers to your YouTube channel.

Use the language the intended crowd understands. Let it flow like a casual conversation and do not use business jargon. Most Internet users are not as comfortable with the specialized vocabulary that Internet marketing professionals use.

Evoke your clients’ emotions. Whether it is shocking or humorous, if it evokes an emotion, it will reach a certain personal level. A perfect example would be this video from Thai Life Insurance:

Simplify it. Excessive information is distracting and may drive your customers away. Try to compress the description to a quality minimum, using keywords you know your market is searching for.

Edit your videos with the finest tools available to you. Adding special effects will stimulate the viewers even more. If you want a professionally made video for attracting viewers on YouTube, visit our video service, Valoso. There you will find professional video editors that can turn your video into attention-grabbing advertising.

Keep it short. After a brief intro, the video itself should be quite short. Otherwise, ads risk losing credibility. Condensed, entertaining messages provide great opportunities for engaging subscribers on your YouTube channel.

The shortening of the average human attention span has forced the marketing business to be effective and competent over the past years. By following these tips we have presented for effecting attention grab, your video can not only attract more viewers but keep their attention in hearing your message.