event videography pricing

How Much Should You Spend on Event Videography?

Questions like "How much should I spend on event videography?" and "How much does an event videographer cost?" should never go unanswered. Before hiring a videographer, it's important to know the answers to these questions. Luckily, you...
mobile videos

5 Tech Tips for Creating Impressive Mobile Videos

83% of millennials use their mobile devices to search for products and 69% of them will buy those products in minutes. The biggest factor affecting their decision to purchase is the impact of your...
video editing tips for imovie

11 Beginner Video Editing Tips for iMovie for Novice Editors

Planning on filming an event and editing it yourself? Free software options like Apple iMovie are actually a lot more versatile than most people think. If you want to edit your own videos like an expert, take a...
royalty free music

What Video Makers Need to Know About Using Royalty Free Music!

One of the most important elements in making a video project is choosing the right audio or soundtrack. Your soundtrack will decide the mood and tempo of your video to determine the overall success...
Time Lapses

Time Lapses: Capturing Life's Greatest Moments

Time Lapses: Capturing Life's Greatest Moments Time lapses are the best way to remember old memories and create new ones. Want to perfectly recollect your pregnancy, child’s (or pet’s) growth, or any other change over time? Why waste...
How Much Should I Charge For My Video Editing Services-

How Much Should I Charge For My Video Editing Services?

"How much should I charge for my video editing services?" This question is the one that has been bugging us ever since we started our career as video editors. Oftentimes we also dreaded answering this...

Choosing the best computer for video editing

As we've said before, 2016 is definitely shaping to be a big year for video. With the world going digital, many of us need to edit big amounts of video - sometimes on a daily...
video attention grab

Attention Grab: How To Make Your Video Get Noticed

Do you remember the good old days when we had only a dial-up connection and sometimes it took several minutes just to load a website? After a few short decades of progressively quickening Internet...
Valoso screen shot

Valoso: The Pinnacle of Modern Video Editing

Valoso: The Pinnacle of Modern Video Editing It’s here: the future of video editing. Valoso, a groundbreaking video editing company, has finally made its presentation. Now, small to medium business owners won’t have to suffer...

How to Edit Videos On Mac?

If you are an Apple Mac user and is new to video editing, starting can be a major hurdle for you. Learning mac video editing as well as its keyboard shortcut, familiarization, and techniques...