Time Lapses: Capturing Life’s Greatest Moments

Time Lapses
Image by Paxson Woelber via Wikimedia Commons

Time Lapses: Capturing Life’s Greatest Moments

Time lapses are the best way to remember old memories and create new ones. Want to perfectly recollect your pregnancy, child’s (or pet’s) growth, or any other change over time? Why waste these special moments when you can relive them day by day with a time lapse? If you don’t know what a time lapse is, here’s the scoop.

All you do is take a picture of, say, a slice of bread every day, or every week, for as long as you want. Then, order those pictures sequentially and tie it all together with a video, showing the change of the bread over time (from non-moldy to moldy). You can even add music to your time lapse video. Time lapses are much more enriching than mere pictures, because they show the entire experience you wish to remember in action—not just one specific moment. They are a continuous series that take into account days, weeks, months, and even years of time, all in a few minutes (or seconds). With the right time lapse, you can capture, keep, and share just about anything, instead of letting memories, or important data, go to waste.

Whether your new puppy growing into a dog,  your child’s height, or your make up styles, time lapses can capture it all. It can even be taken to a scientific level with pictures of plant growth or rotting food over time. You can always share these moments with families, friends, and coworkers, too; time lapses are easy to access and experience with others. Better yet, there is no doubt everyone will think your time lapse idea is a cool and unique idea, as compared to ordinary pictures or videos. You don’t have to worry about any technical complications, either. If you can store a video or image file in your computer, you can just as easily store a time lapse file. Also, your computer’s video player will most definitely be able to play your time lapse with the same amount of quality.

Editing software for time lapses on computer

Image by Negativespace via Pixabay

You don’t need any video editing knowledge or software to create the perfect time lapse; experts are waiting to do it for you. Unlike traditional picture- and video-taking, editing, and sharing, the amount of work you have to put in to create a great video is minimal. All you need is an idea, some pictures, and a computer to hire someone else to do all the dirty work. Not just anybody, though. You can find professional video editors who deliver the highest quality of work at valoso.com. If you have an idea in your mind that you want to record—like your pregnancy or the traffic—Valoso can custom make it for you. The company isn’t limited to only time lapses, either. Professional video editors are trained to bring to life any sort of video or movie in any style you want. If you want to keep and share the moments that matter most, or record visual data of any sort, then the most unique and efficient way to do so is through time lapses.