Business Owners – Can you Afford not to have a Video?

Business Owners – Can you Afford not to have a Video?

Big businesses are leveraging the power of online videos in order to create and reinforce brand awareness and reach a wider audience than ever before possible.  Large organisations have the budgets necessary to employ some of the best video editors in the industry to produce professional quality ones that will bring their brands to the attention of the masses.  As a small to medium business owner you might think that a corporate video is out of your reach, especially if you don’t have much funding to devote to the production process.


Comedy Corporate Videos Suck!

We’ve probably all seen the ones made by small business owners, some of them are laughably amateur and don’t have much chance of attracting new customers.  While it’s easy enough to produce one using tools such as Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker, you’re unlikely to end up with something that looks professional.  Movie Maker is relatively easy to use if you’re totally tech-savvy, but most small business owners are too busy managing their business to have the time to learn how to use it effectively.  We’ve all seen business videos that are so badly made that they look more like a comedy sketch – don’t burden your business with one of these.

As a small business owner, you may be thinking that there’s absolutely no chance for you to commission a video that would allow you to compete with some of the larger businesses in your industry.  Hiring professionals to make a video could end up costing you thousands and it could be difficult to achieve a viable ROI.

Professional Quality at an Amateur Price

However, there are ways that you can get a professional quality video that would allow you to compete with the big boys.  There are online video editors like Valoso that will take texts and photos and turn them into edited movies made by professionals who work in the video editing industry.  You’ll receive a professional quality video for your business at a fraction of the cost that you would normally pay for such a service.

Business Benefits 

The benefits of having a corporate video for your company cannot be stressed enough.  These include:

  • It’s a free way to do your online marketing – the initial cost of having the video made is low and you’ll be ablevideo to use it as part of your online marketing campaign. YouTube is the world’s second most used search engine and it’s completely free to use.  You just upload your video to your YouTube channel and you have access to a global online audience 24/7.  You can then share your video on your company’s website, Facebook page and Twitter account to reach even more people than you would ever have dreamed possible.
  • You’ll stand head and shoulders above your competitors – Google likes videos and rewards websites that contain a high quality one with a higher search engine ranking. A website is 50 times more likely to appear on Google’s first page if it has a video on it.
  • It lets potential customers know all about you and your company – to tell your story so to speak.  According to entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, “Storytelling when done right, takes a product that should have sold 4100 million worth of stuff and sells $1 billion worth of stuff”.
  • You’ll get more people engaging with your brand if you have a video for your potential customers to watch. Research by Forrester (the world’s top market research giant) reveals that only 20% of website visitors will read the text, as opposed to 80% of visitors who will watch a video.  This extends the time that visitors spend on your website and the more time they spend there, the more likely they are to complete the call to action and press the Buy button.

For all small to medium business owners it’s not so much a question of can you afford to have one, – it’s a question of can you afford NOT to have a video?