How Much Should You Spend on Event Videography?

event videography pricing

Questions like “How much should I spend on event videography?” and “How much does an event videographer cost?” should never go unanswered.

Before hiring a videographer, it’s important to know the answers to these questions. Luckily, you have come to the right place to research appropriate event videography pricing for your upcoming celebration.

To discover the in’s and out’s of event photographer and videographer rates, keep reading.

The Complete Guide to Event Videography Pricing

Typically, event organizers source event videography and photography from freelance videographers or videography companies. The tips below apply to either method of event videography.

Average Event Videographer Prices 2017

Event videographers often charge hourly, daily, or per project for their services. The chart below shows the averages for a few different types of event videography services, organized by price.

Although every circumstance is different, your event videography pricing should fall within the guidelines in the following chart. So, don’t be afraid to negotiate with potential videographers that you interview.

The estimates below come from Thumbtack’s Cost Estimates app.

Type of Videography

Wedding videographer

Film/Video production

Wedding photographer

Event videographer

Event photographer

Video editor

Average Price for One-Time Event







On the less expensive end, we have event photographers and video editors. A one-time project here estimates in the early hundreds. Event videographers and wedding photographers lie somewhere in the middle, with prices ranging from $500 to $1,000.

Because weddings are so popular and they require a large amount of work, wedding videography is the most expensive item on the list. Video production—for example, in a corporate setting—can also be pricey.

If your videographer offers an hourly or daily rate, ask them to estimate how many hours or days your project may take for them. This can give you a clearer idea on how much your event videography will really cost.

Keep in mind, these numbers are just averages. If you are looking for corporate event videography on a massive scale, expect your video production costs to be more than $1,000.

If you are only shooting B-roll footage for your class project, then a videographer may only cost $100. We’ll talk more about factors that influence your pricing later.

How to Prevent Videography Scamming

event videography scamming prevention

The worst possible scenario is for you to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on videography, only to receive a trashy finished product or even lose all your footage. To avoid this, make sure your videographer is trustworthy before giving them any dough.

Do market research before agreeing to any videography rates. If your videographer’s pricing is above the average for your local area, ask them why—or look at their profile/website yourself.

If they offer additional skills (photography, video editing, 4K video, live streaming, etc.) or your project is especially arduous, then their increased rates may be justified.

Holding a phone or Skype interview can weed out most untrustworthy videographers before recruiting them. A skilled, professional videographer or video company will present a professional image as well as provide examples of previous authentic, high-quality work.

You may also ask for recommendations from previous clients. This may seem like a tedious process, but it is well worth it to avoid irreversible loss.

Common Event Videography Packages

event videography packages

Many videographers offer discounted packages for special events (such as a Sweet 16th birthday party or a winter convention). Similarly, if you require more services than just videography, you should find a package deal without paying full price for each service. You’ll find examples of common videography packages below:

Photography Packages

Videography equipment can often shoot pro photos in addition to filming HD video. Instead of hiring a separate event videographer and photographer, choose a freelancer or business that offers both.

Video Editing Packages

Not every videographer is a video editor. The two fortes require entirely unique skill sets. However, if your videographer offers video editing services, then jump on the package deal. Paying for a separate event video editor is always an option, but it is less budget-friendly.

Cinematography Packages

Cinematography packages are commonly offered by videography companies, though freelancers can provide them, too. These packages include movie-like elements and expanded options also. However, these packages typically cost thousands of dollars.

For example, a wedding cinematography package may include additional footage beyond the ceremony (getting ready, reception, dance, etc.) as well as high-quality video editing, music production, and HD DVDs and flash drives of the finished product.

What Factors Influence Videography Rates?

event videography pricing factors

Event videographer rates vary according to a number of different factors. So, anything from the time of year to the type of event impacts the final price tag.

Internal factors

Internal factors are factors that you choose based on your event. Therefore, these factors typically influence the event videographer prices the most. The complexity and magnitude of your event video project determine how much work is required to produce an event video.

So if you want to lower your videography cost, start here:

  • Your event videography budget
  • Number of videographers needed
  • Type of event
  • Event length
  • Event location
  • Style of video
  • Live video or footage
  • Length of video

External factors

Essentially, the market oversees most external factors. The specific freelance videographer or videography company you choose will have an impact, of course. But other external factors include the following:

  • Videographer’s skill set and experience level
  • Videographer’s equipment
  • Video quality of the end product (i.e., 4K, HD, SD)
  • Videographer or company preferences
  • Available event videography packages
  • Time of year (holidays are more expensive)
  • The videographer market in your local area

Where to Source Event Videography

Finding the right event videographer for you is a whole ‘nother process. That’s why we have created a comprehensive guide on where to find event videographers and production companies and how to choose the perfect one for your next event:

Where to Source Event Videography for Any Occasion

Above all, shooting high-quality videos is one of the best ways to record, share, and remember an event. No matter what type of event you have coming up, Valoso’s team of experienced freelance videographers, photographers, and video editors is ready to help.

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