Top YouTube Video Ideas to Start YouTube Channel

Now that you learn how video marketing works and can boost your website’s traffic, it is important that you start utilizing it. Start by creating a video channel and we will help you in creating popular youtube video ideas that will surely engage with your audience.

How To Make A Youtube Channel

Creating a video channel on YouTube is relatively easy. Simply log-in to your Google Account and browse You have the option to create a channel using your personal name, or represent a business name.

If you want the first choice, all you need to do is click the blue button “Create Channel”. If you want the latter, you can click the “Use a Business or Other Name” link and fill in the necessary details for your Channel. Click Done and you’re good to go!

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What Are the Best YouTube Video Ideas?

Now the next and crucial step in video marketing is, of course, creating videos. This time, you need to identify what are the top YouTube Video Ideas in order for you to keep your audience hooked. The following are the video ideas you can consider for your YouTube channel.

Funny Videos or Parodies

Creating funny videos have proven to be an effective way in increasing your channel’s traffic. Duplicate the famous moves, lines, or scenes from famous actors and actresses, or video memes. Here is an example of a popular funny video:

Feature Your Lovely Pets and Animals

Let’s face it, we couldn’t help but fall in love whenever we see a pet or animal videos. There’s just something about them that made us feel giddy whenever we see them, they’re too adorable to resist! Pet and Animal videos are highly effective because it targets the general audience, regardless of its age. Here is an example of a pet/animal video:

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials are incredibly helpful for your targeted niche. Simple and straightforward how-to videos with appealing visual will help you obtain loyal fans exponentially. After all, we all want to learn something helpful to us, and the video tutorials are the perfect one in offering convenience in learning something. A sample of tutorial video is shown below:

Product Reviews

If your business is all about eCommerce, then you can never go wrong with product reviews. An unbiased, honest product review is incredibly helpful to help your customers before they make their purchasing decisions.

Time Lapses Video

Time-lapse videos are a great way to look back on your precious memories and developments either in life or in business. Your customers establish a deeper connection with you as they caught a glimpse of your development and success.
YouTube Video Incorporation with Valoso

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