Black History Month

18 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month This Year with Video

People of all races come together annually for Black History Month observance. However, coming up with Black History Month celebration ideas can be a...
trump travel ban

How the Media’s Reaction to the Trump Travel Ban Could Influence Politics

After only one week in presidency, Trump signed a U.S. execute order banning immigration from specific Middle Eastern countries for 90 days and suspending...
vine shutting downvideo

Vine Is Dead: Why Twitter Discontinued the Popular Social Video App

Vine is dead. It's official. The social video app was home to over 200 million monthly active users, but this wasn't enough for Twitter....
trump presidential inauguration

Top 10 Best Moments from the Trump Presidential Inauguration

Trump's presidential victory is one of the most controversial events in U.S. political history. With the Trump presidential inauguration day now in the past, Americans look...
donald trump

President Donald Trump: 11 Most Controversial Videos From His First Week

It was a week filled with surprises, and that's putting it lightly. Directly following the inauguration of Donald Trump as our new American president,...
A Dog's Purpose

“A Dog’s Purpose” Controversial Video: The Other Side of the Story

Hollywood has finally produced a family-friendly live-action film. But after TMZ's release of its controversial video, will A Dog's Purpose have any chance of hitting it...
Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now: Will Two-Hour Delivery Replace Two-Day Shipping?

Consumers across the globe love speedy shipping at affordable prices - and Amazon offers just that. The Amazon Prime Now app allows members to order home...
golden globes

Amazon Tops Netflix & HBO at the Golden Globes: What This Means for Entertainment

The Golden Globes Ceremony 2017 is all the buzz on social media. Everyone loves talking about their favorite television series, movies, and actors. Winners at the...
donald trump news

Donald Trump’s Effect on Businesses: The Midas Touch or Kiss of Death?

No one would question the fact that Donald Trump has affected many facets of our lives. For better or worse, he is ours for...
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Are Video Cooking Tutorials Taking Over Traditional Recipes?

No doubt you have seen some of the many video cooking tutorials popping up all over your Facebook newsfeed. Even if you’re not Jamie...