The Time is Ripe for Blockchain Marketing

By now you've probably heard of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies that operate using blockchain technology. They offer a decentralized and self regulating cryptocurrency...

Video Тrends To Look Out For In 2016

To say that watching video online is taking off would be the understatement of the year. The online video industry has been moving at full speed...
facebook live 360

Introducing Facebook Live 360 Video: Taking Video to a Whole New Level

Facebook Live 360 is the latest talk of the town as it allows Facebook users to completely immerse themselves into the world of videos....

Stop Illegal Video Shooting with a DroneGun

Today we have the opportunity to observe how drones can directly capture a market. More and more people are buying drones for shooting videos for...
Event Marketing

Event Video Marketing: How Keynote Speakers Add Value

Event video marketing is reaching new dimensions and in 2016, keynote speakers are now central to every conference. Their presentations not only set the tone...
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President Donald Trump: 11 Most Controversial Videos From His First Week

It was a week filled with surprises, and that's putting it lightly. Directly following the inauguration of Donald Trump as our new American president,...
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Conquer Your Industry with a Social Enterprise Business Plan

Ever considered creating a social enterprise business plan? Most people haven't. The idea sounds like an inefficient, unsustainable business structure to many, but it is,...
Christmas ads

Top 10 Christmas Ads of 2016: Vote for Your Favorite!

Classic Christmas ads can be a great way to spread Holiday Spirit. From television commercials to YouTube Christmas ads, the best holiday ads focus...
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iPhone 8 Video Camera: What The Future of Mobile Video Looks Like

The iPhone 8 release date isn't until September 2017, but consumers everywhere are highly anticipating its arrival. Although we don't know all of the iPhone 8 video...
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Live streaming for business: The next big thing

We’re entering a brand new and rollicking era of online marketing thanks to live streaming for business. Two years ago we may have thought...