fake news

Fake News vs. Real: What Does it Mean for 2017?

We've all been victims of fake news, if not once, than many times over the past year. The nature and speed of online sharing...
internet trends

Mary Meeker Report Examines Major Internet Trends and the Video Marketing Boom

Mary Meeker, the analyst from Morgan Stanley and partner in the venture fund, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, published an annual report on current...

How These 10 Election Videos Changed The Game

The US Presidential Elections will never be the same due to the proliferation of video. Polls are fluctuating significantly in response to each viral video that exposes...
Black History Month

18 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month This Year with Video

People of all races come together annually for Black History Month observance. However, coming up with Black History Month celebration ideas can be a...

Valoso is partnering up with Global Attain Advancement

The Australian startup Valoso is partnering up with Global Attain Advancement for their event Africa Trade Investment Global Summit. The Australian new digital media...
video brochures

Video Brochures: The Key to a Successful Marketing Campaign

One of the trendiest marketing tools is video brochures. An innovative modification of the outdated paper brochure, video brochures have caused some buzz in...
Trump H1B

Are Trump H1B Visa Reforms Killing The U.S. Tech Industry?

Three bills are making their way through congress in response to U.S. immigration rules and in particular, the Trump H1B Visa policy. As a...
video marketing trends

Video Marketing Trends Dominate in Mary Meeker’s Report

On June 1, something substantial happened in the video industry. Those of us who are interested in video marketing trends finally got a chance to...
programmatic advertising

Programmatic Advertising & Its Impact on Video Marketers

Programmatic advertising with video is expected to nab a 75% share of digital video advertising in the US by 2018. In fact, 2016 showed...
cgi actors

CGI Actors: Is Technology Taking Over the Acting Industry?

CGI actors in movies have become a recent topic of interest after the appearance of computer-generated Peter Cushing in Rogue One: A Star Wars...