How the Media’s Reaction to the Trump Travel Ban Could Influence Politics

trump travel ban

After only one week in presidency, Trump signed a U.S. execute order banning immigration from specific Middle Eastern countries for 90 days and suspending all refugee entrance for 120 days. If you haven’t received the memo, you can find the full Trump travel ban text on every news feed.

Ever since the executive order went into effect, thousands of people from all over the world have joined in protest against the ban. Former U.S. President Barack Obama even stated that he supports these protests. The Trump executive order on immigration might be taken down because of all of the chaos on the media.

Protests & Support for the Ban

trump travel ban

Digital and in-person protests for the Trump travel ban executive order are overflowing. However, support for the Trump executive order plans is also on the rise. Furthermore, after announcing the ban, Trump affirmed, “This is not about religion. This is about terror and keeping our country safe.”

In fact, a poll on the matter revealed that more Americans actually back the immigration ban than do not. According to the Trump travel ban poll, 49% of Americans agree with the immigration executive order signed by Trump, while only 41% disagree with it, and 10% remain uncertain.

Will the Media Influence the Trump Travel Ban?

Protests do not always work. History shows that if there is a higher power in place, they can make almost whatever decision they want without regard to the people. However, the Trump protests today have a lot more leverage than protests of earlier times in history because of the power of digital media.

Trump protests around the country are uniting with Trump protests in Europe and Canada via social media, news outlets, and petition websites. For instance, Trump protests on Facebook have been earning thousands of likes and shares. But, is this backlash enough?

If the majority of Americans support the Trump travel ban details, will the courts side with the protestors or tolerate the temporary bans? Even though the retaliation is significant, Trump and his administration have not backed down from his decision.

Senators are seeking to rescind the executive order due to their concerns about constiutionality. Democrats and Republicans alike are promoting petitions to end the ban. Individuals are filing lawsuits against the discrimination and inconvenience the order has exacted. These scattered responses may lead to a Trump executive order reversal, but they also just might be adding to the unsolvable chaos.

How to Start Your Own Media Campaign

trump travel ban

The ban on immigration news would not have traveled nearly as quickly if it weren’t for the internet. Even though digital media can enable excessive hype or chatter, it can also promote causes and build dreams. If you have a cause to share, starting on the web will get your idea out there.

Video is the number one ingredient to any successful media campaign. Online video has become the most ubiquitous source of media on the internet. Producing your own high-quality videos will allow you to have a greater influence on those around you. If you want help creating professional videos, Valoso can provide you with freelancers that will make your dream happen. Click below to receive a free quote for our video services today.

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