Amazon Tops Netflix & HBO at the Golden Globes: What This Means for Entertainment

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The Golden Globes Ceremony 2017 is all the buzz on social media. Everyone loves talking about their favorite television series, movies, and actors. Winners at the Golden Globes range from Casey Affleck’s best actor win for Amazon Studios’ Manchester by the Sea, to Netflix’s best series win for its original drama The Crown. The number of wins this year by Amazon may not compete with Hollywood’s Golden Globes repertoire. However, they still exhibit the shift from traditional viewing to online streaming. These Golden Globes 2017 winners and nominations just might foreshadow the future of entertainment.

The Numbers: Golden Globes Nominees and Winners

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When it comes to the Golden Globes nominations 2017, the numbers are a little different from the actual wins. HBO actually comes in at first for the number of nominations received with fourteen, Amazon came in second with eleven nominations, and Netflix fell behind with only five.

Despite HBO’s nomination advantage over its rivals, Amazon and Netflix both secured more Golden Globe awards than HBO. However, this doesn’t say much considering HBO received a whopping total of zero wins. Amazon and Netflix each won two awards; however, Amazon’s six extra nominations give it a ranking at the top of our list.

What Do Amazon’s Wins Foreshadow in the Entertainment Industry?

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The last place you may think to watch the top TV shows and films is Amazon Studios. It is notable that none of the TV series and film nominations for Amazon or Netflix were released in theater or on traditional TV channels. Instead, it is apparent that production companies offering their media primarily through online streaming services are leading the way in the entertainment industry.

In fact, many major motion pictures first play a “Thank you for going to the movies” campaign video to bolster their fading popularity. “Going to the movies” is starting to become an old-fashioned term, as millennials find renting and streaming a movie at home on platforms like Amazon to be more appealing, not to mention less expensive.


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As the Golden Globes show, we are in an age of creativity and experimentation. The best films and TV series, according to the Golden Globes highlights, are no longer those with the highest budgets. Or, those with the most popular production companies. Rather, the ceremony helped demonstrated how almost anyone can rise to create cinematic masterpieces.

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