Donald Trump’s Effect on Businesses: The Midas Touch or Kiss of Death?

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No one would question the fact that Donald Trump has affected many facets of our lives. For better or worse, he is ours for the next four years. What remains to be seen is the effect on businesses that cross paths with the least popular president-elect in modern history. Is he just an orange tinged grim reaper destroying companies that get in his way? Or do his casual and not so casual mentions grant a spike in business to those destined to grab his attention?

Donald Trump’s Personal Twitter Party

First, let’s commend all of those who are brave enough to join the Donald Trump Twitter saga by following him. It’s a bit crazy in there with 15+ million fervent or furious followers and growing. And we appreciate the people who share the news to us more timid individuals on the Donald Trump Facebook community.

Forbes recently published an article about Americans taking to Twitter after the U.S. Presidential Elections. It sums up how Twitter can rampantly spread messages of support for agencies that soon may need the help, like Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Trevor Project. Interest and usage of Twitter spiked along with the rising popularity of Trump’s tweets.

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Many, okay most, of Trump’s tweets end up going viral. Especially those mentioning women, the LGBTQ community, decorated veterans, Muslims, Mexicans, etc. Altogether, these tweets gain a massive amount of attention and are readily spread across all social media platforms.

There are those of us that believe that Twitter has a new breath of life because of Trump. USA Today begs to differ, citing that it’s quite possible that even the Donald Trump twitter account is not enough to turn around lagging growth. As his Twitter following waits for Trump’s next round of tweets, Twitter itself is keeping its status quo, for now.

Are Beauty Pageants Gone Forever?

In 2015, NBC cut the cord with Donald Trump and removed the Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants from their broadcasting. This directly followed comments by Donald Trump on immigration (remember the wall?). Beauty pageants in general were then further desecrated when the news hit about Donald walking through the contestants’ changing rooms at will.

Luckily, ABC picked up the 2017 Miss USA contest, and FOX will broadcast this year’s Miss Universe pageant, both sans Trump. Trump’s negative effects on beauty pageants were hopefully only temporary.

The Troubled Fate of Tic Tacs

So sorry for resurrecting any mention of the notorious Billy Bush/Donald Trump video. But you would have thought that Donald Trump’s comment, “I gotta use some Tic Tacs in case I started kissing her,” would have turned away most people from this harmless little breath mint.

“Tic Tac respects all women,” the company tweeted the day the video was released. “We find the recent statements and behavior completely inappropriate and unacceptable.” Their quick response against Trump’s comments and their ability to keep even the most gutter-filled mouths fresh, acted as a fine defense for Tic Tac’s sales. Yet, Brandwatch found 26,000 mentions of Tic Tac next to the name Donald Trump, the majority of which were negative. It’s clear that the Tic Tac brand suffered as a result. Only time will tell as to whether Tic Tac recovers the damage.

Big Pharma Takes a Hit

Donald’s Trumps recent comment, “Pharmaceuticals are getting away with murder”, referred to their tax status and pricing and the need for reform. His criticism caused an immediate dive with the nine largest pharmaceutical companies collectively losing $24.6 billion within twenty minutes of the press conference.

His controversial first meeting with the press as president elect was livestreamed as the drug industry’s major annual investor conference in San Francisco was going on. Whether stock prices will continue to plummet remains to be seen.

Toyota’s Bold Move Gets Trumped

It really wasn’t that bold. All Toyota did was announce they were opening a new plant in Mexico to build Corollas destined for the United States. Irate from the word “Mexico,” Trump fired off this tweet:
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What he wasn’t aware of was that the jobs for this Japanese-based company were coming from Canada, not America. And the plant in question is in Guanajuato and not Baja. He also apparently missed the memo about sales for Corollas declining as Americans seek out more SUV’s.

According to Business Insider, Toyota shares immediately took a slight dive, down .05% after the Trump tweet. Ruined? Nah. A few days later, they’re already well on their way to recovering the loss.

The Power of Video

Donald Trump’s influence on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and all other social media outlets is undeniable. But the one thing that he’s done for all of us is accentuate the power of video. Everything he tweets, posts and rants about ends up in countless viral videos.

But you don’t have to involve yourself in politics to see this kind of success with your video marketing campaign. Hang here with us at Valoso to create videos that do some good in this world. Creators of all kinds are needed now, more than ever.