18 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month This Year with Video

Black History Month

People of all races come together annually for Black History Month observance. However, coming up with Black History Month celebration ideas can be a challenge for some people. Video offers an engaging online setting that can connect people from all backgrounds to take part in Black History Month activities. So if you need ideas for a Black History Month project, stick around for some creative ideas.

1. Educate people.

Many young people are not aware of pivotal characters like Maya Angelou and W. E. B. Du Bois. Video provides illuminating visuals to teach inspiring Black History Month lessons.

2. Watch music videos.

Black History Month songs invigorate anyone during this festive time. Come up with your own playlist of your favorite African songs and modern songs by black artists.

3. Live stream your celebration.

Whether you’re planning a party or just a lunch out with friends, many people take time out of the month to celebrate. Live stream your event with Periscope, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another platform.

4. Listen to speeches.

You can play Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech. Or, why not try a modern tribute from Barack Obama? Black History Month speakers are central part to this celebration.

5. Create an interactive calendar.

With video, you can use animation tools or annotations to talk about certain dates in the month of February. Perhaps create a historical calendar or a challenge calendar for viewers to interact with.

6. Play a game of Jeopardy.

Black History Month Jeopardy is a favorite party game that will challenge your knowledge. You can include video by holding a live Jeopardy competition or recording your competition.

7. Create a challenge or campaign.

The internet is teeming with challenges and campaigns that actually influence a lot of people. If you want to build conversation about Black History Month news, start a video campaign and encourage others to make their own similar videos or use a certain hashtag.

8. Watch Black History Month spotlights.

Many YouTube channels, brands, and news websites showcase their picks for this month’s spotlight. Do a quick Google search to find relevant and local spotlight videos.

9. Watch President Donald Trump’s remarks.

Although he is the most controversial U.S. president, any video can still be supported and modernized with relevant Black History Month quotes from Trump.

10. Focus on the yearly theme.

The Black History Month 2017 theme, developed by the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH), is “The Crisis in Black Education.” Instead of talking about other topics concerning black history, create a video that centers on the topic of challenges African Americans face in education.

11. Live stream a Q&A session.

Ask your followers to pitch questions and join you for an engaging live stream to share your feelings in a Black History Month Q&A.

12. Come up with games that incorporate video.

Conceiving your own Black History Month games will show your creative side and give you and your friends a festive pastime. The game may be a competition to see who can create the best tribute or who can perform the best “bad lip reading” of Donald Trump’s remarks

13. Snapchat about Black History Month.

Consistently placing at the top of the App Store, Snapchat is a favorite social video app. Consider sending a snap to your followers about what’s in store for Black History Month events 2017.

14. Interview someone.

Even if you can’t score an interview with Frederick Douglass, you can live stream or record a conversation with black or non-black leaders or family members in your area.

15. Watch your favorite movies.

Check out recent films produced within the past year, or watch classics that commemorate black historical figures. Black cartoons, diverse casts, historical films, and African movies are all appropriate for Black History Month films or TV shows.

16. Share your appreciation through video.

Using your smartphone to record your thoughts on this celebration and sharing that video on social media makes all the difference. One of the most genuine ways to share your appreciation is to create a raw, unscripted video.

17. Watch a satire about Donald Trump’s remarks.

The two hot topics this month: Black History Month and Trump can both be revealed in by watching a hilarious satire or two of Trump’s remarks.

18. Petition against Black History Month.

Similar to Morgan Freeman’s video, many black and white people are against this event because it engenders racism and polarization among Americans. You can start your own petition by sharing your thoughts in a video.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you will take action on one of these video ideas. Honorable, comedic, educational, compelling, or chatty–however you approach Black History Month videos, the quality of your videos will tremendously affect their success. If you want your videos to be professionally filmed or edited at an affordable rate, visit Valoso for more details or click below to receive a free quote.