Amazon Prime Now: Will Two-Hour Delivery Replace Two-Day Shipping?

Amazon Prime Now

Consumers across the globe love speedy shipping at affordable prices – and Amazon offers just that. The Amazon Prime Now app allows members to order home essentials and get them delivered in a matter of hours. The best part about this services is the cost. Members receive Amazon Prime Now free with their Prime memberships.

All of the Amazon Prime Now benefits that come with the service make it worth the $99/year membership. From free movies and TV shows to free expedited shipping on orders from, consumers love the benefits that come with their Prime memberships. In fact, shoppers everywhere are replacing their grocery list with their Amazon Prime Now list. Keep reading for more exciting Amazon Prime Now news.

Amazon Prime Now Marketing Campaign

Amazon Prime Now launched all the way back in December of 2014, starting out in the Manhattan area. Today, Amazon Prime Now locations consist of 28 cities and growing. This growth is impressive, and much of it is due to Amazon’s own marketing efforts. Just look at the video above for an example of the kind of great video promo content Amazon produces.

The service’s one-hour delivery cost is only $7.99, while the Amazon Prime Now price for two-hour delivery is completely free. These kinds of rates put Amazon ahead of the game, as many other delivery services have greater fees without the same speed.

On the contrary, Prime Now doesn’t offer everything you can find at the grocery store. For instance, refrigerated items like milk and meats are not available for purchase through Amazon Prime Now warehouses. Therefore, the service is more appropriate for shopping for non-food items like electronics, toys, cosmetics, and household items.

How Does Amazon Compare to Other Quick Delivery Services?

Amazon Prime Now app

Even though Amazon Prime Now groceries was one of the first uses of quick delivery services in the market, other stores have introduced their own delivery and pick-up services. These companies include Google Express and Walmart To Go, with third-party services like Instacart and Door to Door Organics gaining traction online, too.

One drawback of Amazon Prime Now shipping is that the number of Amazon Prime Now fulfillment centers doesn’t quite compare to the range of locations for other quick delivery services. For instance, Walmart To Go is already available in 29 states. Additionally, Walmart To Go and Kroger HomeShop Delivery allows customers to purchase more grocery items like milk, eggs, and meats.

However, it is easy to say that Amazon wins the Google Express vs. Amazon Prime Now debate. Google Express costs $95/year, which is slightly less than an Amazon Prime membership but comes with significantly fewer benefits. Even though Google may be a larger company than Amazon, it can’t compete when it comes to home delivery.


Ultimately, other businesses are starting to catch up with Amazon. Even though Prime Now is a pioneer in quick delivery, consumers may start turning toward the delivery and pick-up options offered by the chain grocers they already shop from. But one thing is for sure about Prime Now: it has a great video marketing campaign.

As you can see with its most recent promotional video above, Amazon is an expert at combining aesthetic visuals with moving content. However, this kind of successful video marketing campaign isn’t just reserved for major companies like Amazon. If you want to develop an effective video marketing strategy for your business, Valoso can help. Just click on the link below to get a free quote for your video project today.