Top 10 Best Moments from the Trump Presidential Inauguration

trump presidential inauguration

Trump’s presidential victory is one of the most controversial events in U.S. political history. With the Trump presidential inauguration day now in the past, Americans look forward to the future with Donald J. Trump as their new leader. Although satire has flooded the web since the Trump presidential kickoff, many Americans have accepted their new president.

The inauguration of the Trump presidency January 2017 reveals much of what the future holds for this country. Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable, laughable, and hopeful moments from the Trump presidency first day.

1. President-elect Donald Trump’s Entrance

His entrance was one of the first things on the Trump presidential inauguration schedule. Being elected the 45th president of the United States, many media sources have dubbed this moment as historic.

2. Lexi Walker’s Performance of “I Hope You Dance”

This 14-year-old’s performance at the 2017 Inauguration Freedom Ball took everyone’s breath away. Because of her God-given voice, Lexi Walker holds her place as one of the top Trump presidential inauguration performers.

3. The Obamas’ Reactions

The reactions of former president and first lady Barack and Michelle Obama to the Trump presidency news went viral. Consequently, Michelle Obama’s seemingly glowering face has already been made into a meme on the internet.

4. Trump’s Inaugural Speech

Undoubtedly, the new president’s inaugural address offers an insight into the Trump presidency forecast. Although some find parts of the speech to be controversial, we can all agree that Trump’s patriotism is well-needed in America. The full speech is lengthy but significant.

5. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Performance

This religious choir presented a moving rendition of America the Beautiful. Controversy arose as one of the Mormon Tab members refused to perform at the Trump presidential inauguration date, but the choir’s spot-on performance compensates for any rifts.

6. Hillary Clinton’s Entrance

The disappointment in the Clinton family’s faces was obvious, but they came to show support for their new president and for their nation. A bystander exclaimed, “We’re here for you,” when Hillary Clinton entered the scene.

7. The Piano Guys’ Performance

This group’s creative method of performing captured the attention of audiences during the concert at Trump’s presidential inauguration. Above all, they performed modern songs that energized the spirits of all in attendance.

8. Barack and Michelle Obama’s Exit

Barack Obama has been one of America’s favorite presidents, from his diplomacy and charm to his reforms and historical status as the first black president. Hence, Barack and Michelle’s exit put many Americans to tears, symbolizing their departure from the office.

9. Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.”

Country music lovers across the United States fell in love with Lee Greenwood’s performance at the Trump presidential inauguration. Furthermore, the patriotism was overflowing as the singer affirmed his support of Trump as the new president.

10. Trump’s Oath of Office

Of course, the very moment that Donald Trump became president has to be on this list. Finally, this minute-and-a-half-long oath is the very purpose of the day-long presidential inauguration ceremony.

Impact of the Trump Presidential Inauguration

The Trump presidential inauguration will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable presidential events in recent history. Although not all Americans approve of Trump’s presidential win, everyone is reveling over the funny moments, honorable statements, and outstanding performances at his inauguration.

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