The Ultimate Guide To Event Video Marketing

An effective event video marketing strategy will increase the sales of most any product on the Internet. Using online video to promote an event is fast becoming the highly preferred instrument in the experiential marketing domain.

Event promotion, just as any other type of marketing activity, requires careful planning and advantageous timing. Fortunately, with the contemporary set of advertising tools, skills and technology now available, promoting an event online is easier than ever.

If you’ve never considered using video in event promotion, now is the perfect time to take your event marketing ideas to the next step.

Using Videos To Promote Your Event

When promoting an upcoming event, take some time beforehand to plan your video marketing strategy. Your most important task at this point it to get to know your potential customers. At this stage, you want to engage with your customers; give them a personal story, talk about your passion for your business, and let them now what benefit they will receive from your product. You can keep your videos short and to the point, yet find a way to make a personal connection. Talk about a common problem your customers have – a problem that can be solved by your product.

If you are a novice videographer and need support in creating that perfect event promotion video, you can go directly to  where you’ll have access to experienced and creative video editors who can take your media file and turn it into the custom made video promotion tool that will fuel your marketing strategy.

Videos have a way of making your customers feel a stronger connection with you and your product. Event video marketing can be there from the start. Show and tell your customers about your upcoming event, whether it’s a trade show, a conference or a product launch. Engage them before the event so they are with you from the beginning.

The more your video is seen, the more buzz around your upcoming event. When people see that you’ve put a great deal of effort and creativity into your promotional video, they’re more likely to stay interested. Be sure to include the dates of your event and all the details. This makes it easy for them to remember. You can also send quick video reminders in the days leading up to your event.

You may be wondering how exactly to promote your event online. The best possible video marketing platform is YouTube, which ranks #2 in search engines, after Google. People go to YouTube and search for videos to help them in their business and personal interests. Your customers are there.

YouTube also makes it easy to share your event with potential customers on multiple social media sites. Because of its name recognition, people have a high comfort level with it. YouTube gives your video promotion instant recognition and validity.

If you’ve never uploaded a YouTube video before, you can check out this short video on How YouTube Works.

Event Video Marketing During Your Event

Events like conferences or seminars use videos to catch the audience’s attention. A few videos can be playing at a certain time during your event, depending on where and when you decide to use them. But how much video is too much? One way to tell is this: If the crowd is staring at the big screen and ignoring the speaker, then you know adjustments need to be made. You can congratulate yourself on creating an engaging video, but be aware of the timing. Your video can be played as an introduction to a speaker or as an ice breaker. It can be used to break up a talk, or to make your presentation more interesting. Focus on using your video to help keep your audience interested.

To generate the biggest impact on people’s perception of your message, show your videos at large events. This can be on an annual basis, for instance, at a trade show or yearly conference. Trade show marketing is an accessible and direct approach to your customers and offers you a way to reach large groups and increase your marketing reach.

Trade show booths often have video projections which not only draw people to your booth, but also help potential customers connect emotionally with what you have to offer. That bond is hard to break. Here’s an excellent example of a trade booth video used at a trade show. It is pleasant to view and listen to, and the message is clear. The video itself is short and engaging and demonstrates exactly how event video marketing can work.

You can also stream an event online in real-time using shorter clips on social media platforms like Google Hangouts, Periscope, and now even Facebook. That way you give your customers a quick and easy insight to your event. By doing this you encourage them to show interest in the topic. This works because not everything is revealed. Humans are curious by nature. They will want to know more and you can offer them that chance to be part of the experience through social media.

All of this can be accomplished when your video meets the standard level of quality. There are many options to learn how to make a high impact video and investing the time in researching video marketing tips and strategies will help your videos meet these standards.

Maximizing Your Videos After the Event

Event video marketing strategies have a circular quality. They go from initial event marketing ideas to engaging promotional videos. You’ve invited people to your event, then you engaged with them further at your event. Now it’s time to keep all those people tied to your product. A simple way to do this is to show footage of your event as evidence that you successfully organized it. This way, you can remind them of your brand by repurposing your video footage in short clips. Take these relevant snippets and share them on social media. Additionally, you can send out video clips to your email list to give potential customers a glimpse of your success.

As a final tip for event video marketing, use video’s to boost your search engine optimization. Video matter online ranks higher on search engines and social media platforms. Name your video exactly how you expect your customers to search. That way you will also ensure that more people find your event promotion video and your product.