10 Clever Ways to Increase Event Attendance

how to increase event attendance

Even with a flawless event marketing strategy, securing event attendees can be a challenge. Many people register for events to which they never show up. If you want to effectively increase event attendance, check out the event promotion ideas below.

1. Incorporate video.

If you haven’t already included video in your event marketing strategy, you are way behind. Video is the #1 medium to convert followers. Simply creating an event page on Facebook or animating your registration form with pictures isn’t enough. You need an authentic, high-quality event promo video.

To incorporate video to increase event attendance, create an appealing video that showcases the benefits of attending your event. Be sure to include calls-to-action for the viewer to share your video and save the date for your upcoming event.

2. Ask in person.

Step away from digital marketing from a second. Your potential attendees are real people—the kind of people that surround you every day. Going back to traditional in-person marketing methods can potentially lead to more conversions.

Some ideas for in-person event promotion include:

  • Handing out flyers for your event.
  • Asking friends and colleagues to attend.
  • Promoting your event at a trade show.

Although in-person marketing isn’t a guarantee to increase event attendance, it’s definitely a strategy to experiment with. Events are a people-based industry. Get in touch with people in your local area and ask them to attend your event face-to-face.

3. Create a poll.

Before promoting your event, send out a poll to your followers and your target audience. In the poll, ask questions like:

  • Would you attend this type of event? Why or why not?
  • Would you attend this type of event if it included these perks?
  • What is the last event you attended and did you enjoy it?

Make sure to form your questions so they give insight to your target audience’s tipping point for attending events. Not everyone wants to give up a Saturday afternoon to attend your event, so you must figure out what will drive someone to do so.

4. Give incentives.

increase event attendance

It’s true: people are more likely to attend an event with a free lunch. Incentives like food, objects, trials, and discounts is a surefire way to convince more people to come to your event.

Make sure the incentive is relevant and appealing. Nobody will schedule time for your event for a free sticker. Instead, be creative in the kind of incentives, and even amenities, your event offers.

5. Index your event.

Event planners have a variety of different options for organizing their event registration (Facebook Events, Eventbrite, SignUpGenius). Indexing your event on multiple websites will increase its visibility and, in turn, conversions. Remember to promote your event on all of your social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat).

6. Keep your event flexible.

A traditional event starts at a certain time and ends at a certain time. If you shake things up with a more open, flexible schedule, more people will be willing to fit your event into their day.

For instance, fairs, trade shows, and conventions are typically held all day or over a period of several hours. Guests can come and go as they like, which leaves no room for pressure to attend the entire event.

7. Be totally unique.

increase event attendance

Yes, “be creative” may sound like a trite term. But it is more applicable than ever. Everyone is being creative nowadays—how will you really stand out? Try something totally new for your audience to react to. Be creative both with your event concept and with your event marketing strategy.

To brainstorm a unique event idea, consider competing events in your region or niche. What is always the same about these events? Determine what aspects remain unchanged and think of ways you could change them.

For example, every trade show has a traditional setup with booths. But, what if instead of bringing the consumer to the booths, you could bring the booths to the consumers? A rotating trade show, if you will.

8. Personalize the event.

Especially in large cities, there is always an event going on. The buzz about the event can feel impersonal to your target audience if they are not personally invited to attend themselves.

Instead of setting up a general marketing strategy, send out personal invites to each of your followers. Be sure to provide them with a link to share the invite with a friend or two.

9. Promote events in advance.

Planning an event can take months. If your current event marketing strategy starts only a week or two before the event, then it’s time to switch it up. Many people want to attend events, but their schedules conflict or they don’t choose to make time for it.

To increase event attendance, inform your audience of the time, date, and details of your event at least 3-4 weeks in advance. This way, you can secure more potential attendees.

10. Consider a digital event.

increase event attendance valoso

Still can’t seem to rally up a troop of event attendees? Hosting a digital event will open doors for your business. The most common types of digital events are live streams and webinars, though you can get creative.

Although the purpose of events is to get off the screen and meet people face-to-face, you can simulate such an event online with double the attendees. Not only is a digital event potentially more appealing to your audience, but it will also save thousands of dollars in event production on your end!

Wrap Up

The quest to increase event attendance is conquerable. A successful event marketing campaign is incomplete without video. That’s why professional event video production to promote your occasion is a must. If you want your brand to stand out, use video.

Valoso is here to help with all your event video needs, from concept to videography to marketing. Our team is waiting to hear from your about your upcoming video project. Simply fill out the contact form below with a description of your event, and we’ll get back to you shortly to share how we can help.

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