Tell, Don’t Sell! Why Video Storytelling is Going Viral

video storytelling
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If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that consumers are sick of everybody selling them something. Ever heard of the book “Nobody Wants to Read Your Shit”? It’s true – they don’t. Which is why video storytelling is the best shot businesses have if they want to drive attention and generate sales.

video storytelling
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Think about the best commercials you’ve ever seen: it’s very likely that you weren’t even interested in the product. But you still remember them. Why is that?

See, when brands focus on telling a story with video rather than listing the advantages of their products, they create an emotionally compelling narrative that leaves a mark in people’s minds.

Why Video Storytelling is Going Viral in 2017

Now more than ever consumers are sick of being bombarded with boring and lifeless advertisements. They relentless ads are easier to forget than an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Video production has the power to invoke lasting emotions and drive more engagement than any other type of content – both online and offline. Brands are finally picking up on it. This is why we can expect video storytelling to become one of the most viral trends of 2017.

The Key to Telling a Brand Story

If you want people to feel the need to share your story, you’ve got to give them a reason to. The key to doing this is creating a narrative that reinforces your product without using blatant promotion.

Remember: According to Invodo, 51.9% of marketers claim videos have the best ROI. This is because shoppers who see a video in their pre-purchase stage are 1.81 times more likely to make a purchase than non-viewers.

We’ve reached the level where consumers are more informed and more critical than they’ve ever been. Emphasis on video storytelling is not only the most logical way to go, but also the most profitable one.

Video Storytelling Ideas for Your Brand

Companies have been using video to tell compelling stories for years. Now that this is finally becoming a trend, it’s going to be a challenge to stand out.

A great way to create a story around your product is to incorporate user-generated content. It doesn’t only make your work easier, but it’s also the ultimate customer testimonial. Plus nowadays, getting some online influencers to rave about your brand has never been easier!

Another way to create buzz is to do behind-the-scenes videos, a favorite type of content among users. They give you the opportunity to show users, instead of telling them, what makes your product or service unique.

Documentary-style videos have grown in popularity with digital storytelling as well. Chipotle did a great job of creating a documentary video series around Major League Soccer with Harry Shipp of the Chicago Fire.

With every single piece of information available to you online, direct selling is slowly but surely leaving the picture. Pretty soon, telling a good story to convert leads into clients will become the norm. Those that follow suit will not get left behind.

Are you starting to see the benefits to telling a brand story with video? If you’re ready to get on track and start incorporating storytelling into your marketing strategy, we’re always here for you.