President Donald Trump: 11 Most Controversial Videos From His First Week

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It was a week filled with surprises, and that’s putting it lightly. Directly following the inauguration of Donald Trump as our new American president, well, the shit just hit the fan. I don’t know how else to put it. Watch these 11 Most Controversial Videos from his first week and see if you can make any sense out of all the madness.

The President Trump Victory Speech

We hope he’s enjoying his victory now because as we speak, numerous organizations are already hard at work on the impeachment process. His speech was as much a shock to most Americans as was his candidacy, and pretty much sounded exactly the same as his campaign rhetoric. His focus on the “American Carnage”, the supposed desolation of our country, with only him to save us, was a far cry from other historic presidential messages of hope.

3.3 million views

Did Donald Trump Ditch Melania at the White House?

After the inaugural ceremonies, the Trumps arrived at the white house and a dispute arose as to whether or not Trump left Melania to fend for herself. Watch and come to your own conclusion:

Some argued that secret service rules require that the POTUS must exit the vehicle separately from his wife. They say Trump was only following security procedures. In comparison, look at the video of the Obamas’ entrance in 2009. It’s very hard to see how Donald Trump didn’t completely forget his wife was even there. Melania was graciously welcomed by the Obamas. It was they who led her into the White House, not her husband.

Crowd Estimations & Guestimations

A heated debate soon fizzled out thanks to aerial photography and the reach of social media. Apparently these things did not occur to President Trump. He insisted his inauguration numbers were the biggest. Everyone and their brother had seen the actual aerial shots with their own eyes. Yet, Trump still maintained his disillusioned stance.

First White House Briefing Shocks Americans

The inauguration numbers were not the end of fake news displayed during Trump’s first week. At his very first White House Briefing, he charged his press secretary, Sean Spicer, with continuing the false news that Trump’s inauguration numbers were the biggest. Other fake news from the press secretary included new floor coverings on the mall’s grass that made it look more empty (fake). Or that 420,000 people had used the transit that morning to get to the inauguration (fake again). This all came from the same speech in which he said, “Our intention is never to lie to you.”

Record Setting Women’s March

Part of the reason Trump was so concerned with his numbers may have had to do with the fact that more than three times more people attended the Women’s March in DC on Saturday in protest of Trump, than the actual inauguration. This doesn’t even take into account the 600 mass protests throughout the US and around the world that day (even in Antarctica!!). It was the largest protest ever in US history, with an estimated half a million people marching in DC alone.

Seth Meyer’s video, with over 2.9 million views, highlighted Saturday’s Women’s March:

ABC streamed the Women’s March, which lasted six hours with close to 800k views:

Anti Trump Rap – Women’s March

Ashley tells it like it is to a record-breaking crowd in DC – 29 million views! Have a listen. You won’t find a stronger line of controversy than right here:

Kellyanne Conway Invents Alternative Facts

Counselor to the President, Kellyann Conway, was interviewed this week on Meet the Press. When questioned why press secretary Sean Spicer gave Americans false information at the new administration’s very first press briefing, Kellyanne Conway, the queen of spin, outdid herself and actually said, “Sean Spicer gave …. alternative facts.” NBC’s Chuck Todd’s reaction is priceless.

Protesters Take to the Airports

In the heat of the moment, Vox Livestreamed this highly charged video directly from JFK Airport. They were there to protest Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims, refugees and his overall immigration policy (or lack thereof). Further sparking the rally was when, due to the POTUS’ executive orders, 9 innocent people faced detention at JFK. Some were being separated from other family members. What REALLY ignited already feisty New Yorkers was the fact that the countries that Trump targeted did not even include the place where 911 terrorists came from. In addition, the fact that Trump has personal financial ties to the nations that were not part of the ban did not help the situation.

As Vox’s Liz Plank walks through the crowds, she was interviewing protesters and recording the many speeches. Chants are heard loud and clear, including: “Let Them In!” “Fuck the Wall, We’ll Tear it Down!” and “Hey Hey JFK, No More Fascist USA!”

Mexican President Snubs Trump

Probably not the best move for a brand new POTUS to be tweeting out diplomatic ultimatums. Hopefully he’s a quick learner. This video highlighting quite possibly the worst diplomatic skills ever displayed by a US official, no less a president, gained 827,382 views. It also put an end to the story that the Mexicans will be paying for Trump’s wall.

Do Not Despair!

It was a really tough week; dynamic, earth shattering, depressing, horrifying, you name it. By now, maybe many of you are feeling the despair and frustration that many Americans experienced during the course of this event-filled first week of President Trump. So here is a video just for you with 23 million views and counting! Hopefully, it will lighten up the atmosphere a bit. But also, let it remind us all how a funny video can instantly change our moods! Check it out; an extremely well done lip reading of the inauguration’s major players:

In essence, videos are part of our life. Whether we are going through good times or bad, they are there to help us get our message out. Do you have an important message? Contact Valoso today to find out how best to create your next impactful video.