Travel Video vs. Travel Photo: Which is Best?

travel video

Holidays and significant events, such as a birthdays and trips abroad, are not complete without a camera. Everybody tries to capture the exciting moments to savor and remember the brightest events of our lives. And we certainly do not want to miss the chance to show photos and videos to our family, friends or colleagues at work. Perhaps you are often faced with the fact that your relatives or friends argue about which is better – a travel video or photographs?

Some people want photos to have in their wallet or put on their refrigerators, while others need to have videos to post on their social media. Usually, such disputes end with all of your relatives maintaining their opinion. We believe that when it comes to travel, video is much better than the photo. And this is why…

Travel Video Perfectly Conveys Action

For travel memories, this is the most important. With video, you can shoot a natural panorama, the sound of summer rain, or the rustle of autumn leaves. You can comment in a behind the scenes shoot, or ask your friends to say something, capturing them in the background.

This also applies to extreme events. Of course, you can take photos while parachuting, kayaking, biking, etc., but the video will be much better in this case at helping the viewer experience every moment. This is especially true if you have an action camera.

Watch this amazing video by GoPro. What photo could possibly outperform this?

Video Provides Sound

Imagine that you are standing near the waterfall. Of course, you will make a few photos, but you will regret it very much if you do not shoot even a short video that transmits the magic sound of the falling water. Sound effects are of great importance, especially when it comes to travel videos. Whether you are at the Brazilian carnival or celebrating the New Year in China, these and similar events are worthy of being captured on video. Photos cannot give all the beauty and magnitude of these events.

Look at this image. Do you want to see and hear how the water flows? I do!

travel video

Making a Travel Video Requires less Skills

We all know that modern photo cameras require at least minimum skills of shutter speed setting, exposure, aperture, lighting, and so on. Often, while traveling, you may encounter problems because of the lack of a particular skill or simply because you didn’t have time to setup your DSLR for taking a photo. For example, you may want to memorialize a galloping horse. The standard setting of your camera will not be enough. In order to create the most successful picture, you have to set the shutter speed, choose the right sensitivity, and of course, catch the right moment. Quite difficult to do and time consuming.

Speaking of skills, we should also note that the video feature provides many more opportunities, such as video shooting using drones, travel video compilations, timelapses, additional features of travel video editing, and so on. Capturing your trip on video give you plenty of room to expand your creativity!

Video Cameras are smaller than Photo Cameras

Last year, I made a trip through the Carpathian Mountains. To memorialize all the beauty of the mountain landscapes, I decided to take my old DSLR Nikon D3100 and my smartphone with 13 megapixels camera. I regretted this decision so much! With all the accessories, my DSLR weighed more than two kilograms! And it was so uncomfortable to carry that I wanted to just leave the camera somewhere in the mountains! On top of that, my smartphone camera was too narrow-angled for mountains photos.

What would have happened if I had taken the action camera and shot videos instead of photos? I would have had a wide-angle lens with a huge resolution, an incredibly small size, and almost imperceptible weight in my travel bag! Most travelers prefer to use action cameras for video shooting while traveling. No heavy DSLR to lug around!

Travel Video Take the Win

So, photo or video? Of course, there are times when it is much more appropriate to take a photo than shoot a video. But if you have the video first, you can always get photos from your video by stopping it, using print screen, and pasting the snapshot into Paint. For this and many other reasons, we are convinced that video is much better in most travel scenarios.

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