Make Money with a Video Camera in these 7 Ways

Make money with a video camera

Ever wonder how to make money with a video camera? It’s easy to make money with video because of the increase in smartphones with high-quality cameras and GoPro cameras. In fact, tons of videographers are already making money on YouTube. There’s always a demand–and a price–for footage. So check out how to make money as a freelance videographer below.

1. Build a YouTube channel.

YouTube is a space to create videos of any genre–comedy, educational, gaming, or even vlogging. And, you can monetize your YouTube channel through multiple sources. Some ideas include ads (AdSense), affiliate marketing, and selling merch, products, or counseling. Create a channel and join the YouTube Partnership Program now.

2. Seize the holidays.

Don’t limit your ways to make money with a video camera to everyday events. Spice it up and record some holiday fun. For example, you could record videos to sell online as stock footage (#6). You can also record and sell Christmas moments for a commercial, video, or film.

3. Record events for others.

Make money with a video camera as a wedding cameraman.

Image by Daniel Case by via Wikipedia.

Using your video camera to record special events for others is a great business. Many people make a living filming weddings, funerals, and sporting events. Other celebrations may include birthdays, bar mitzvahs, graduations, marriage proposals, races, etc.

4. Create educational videos.

This market includes anything from language courses for children to training videos for nonprofits. Share your skills or record others’ in this industry. For example, you can make money with a video camera by selling “how to” videos through your website. Or, you could film training videos for a local restaurant.

5. Film business videos.

Make money with a video camera by recording business videos.

Image by via Wikipedia.

The best businesses need great videos on their websites. You can offer pro videos on your website to help other businesses grow. Or, you could record videos for your own website. Business videos can range from informational to entertainment, so there’s always a wide market.

6. Sell stock footage.

Stock footage is various films of basic events, people, or things that you sell online. For example, friends opening Christmas presents. Or, a group of dogs playing in the park. Others use this kind of footage for countless reasons. Thus, one easy way to make money with a video camera is to capture any kind of stock footage and sell it online.

7. Film specialty videos & documentaries.

Make money with a video camera as a specialty underwater videographer

Image by US Navy via Wikipedia.

Specialty videos include underwater, aerial, and time-lapse filming. A high demand exists for special footage. Also, organizations are always making documentaries. And they need skilled cameramen like yourself to capture stunning footage.

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